Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Crossover Goodness

Lego Marvel Super Heroes preview - video

For someone who did not play much with Legos growing up (I'm an Earthling, I swear) I am surprisingly fond of the Lego games.  There's not much Lego nostalgia in it for me; they're just... cute.  And satisfying; they somehow manage to scratch that "break all the things" itch without being particularly violent.  Also, since most of the console games I enjoy tend to be primarily one-player affairs, I like that Lego, to me, is much better in co-op mode.  And, of course, I enjoy the movies that are … [Read more...]

Favorite Finds: Journey


In light of the recent next-gen console controversy, I decided to check out some PS3 games for the first time.  After all, I'd pretty much decided I'd go with Playstation  at the end of the year, based on how the company has represented itself this year and my previous love for the PS2.  However, the PS3 has been out for ages and it might be a little silly to jump in whole-hog when I've missed the intervening seven years or so. Today's game, Journey, is absolutely my favorite so far.  It's a … [Read more...]

The Console Wars: Attitude is Everything


The console wars.  It's a phrase that gets tossed around, but rarely has it actually applied like it has for the last week.  Of course we're all viewing this from our own lens - with our own loyalties, history, personal circumstances, etc - and that shapes our opinion, but most would agree on two points: a)XBox/Microsoft can't seem to keep their collective foot out of their mouth, and b)Playstation/Sony has been taking advantage of this with sometimes hilarious results. Honestly, if you'd … [Read more...]

Launch Day Tales: Let’s Hear ‘Em


It's the middle of Tuesday afternoon, and I should be playing World of Warcraft.  I intended to be playing it; I preordered the Collector's Edition ages ago.  However, because I love the game soundtrack, the behind-the-scenes DVD and a few other perks, I chose to go hard-copy instead of digital.  And now, as I wait more than twelve hours after the launch of the game, I pay for it.   Seriously, though, I'm not all that upset.  I knew I ran this risk when I decided to go for the Collector's … [Read more...]

Back-to-School or Geek Holiday?


It's been (cough) several years since I left my school days behind, but I still love back-to-school time.  I look forward to the crisp days of fall, the feeling of a fresh start, maybe even a fresh haircut... and sales.  Yes, it seems everything I like and need goes on sale at back-to-school-time.  As someone who especially loves books, electronics, cross-body bags, and new episodes of Doctor Who and Downton Abbey, I feel almost like it's a geek holiday. And yes, it's only the middle of … [Read more...]