Seeing Red – GGG Talks About a Certain Controversial Moment in Game of Thrones

Red Wedding

Okay, so I don’t want to spoil anything for anybody. If you haven’t seen the last two episodes of Game of Thrones, Season Three, please stop reading right now. Once you’ve watched them, then you can come back and read this article, but I can’t articulate my feelings without massive spoilers. Everyone still here saw the episodes? Or doesn’t care if I spoil them? Good. Let’s get on with it. The Red Wedding So episode 9 gave us one of the most horrifying scenes in the whole A Song of Ice … [Read more...]

Game of Thrones: Easier the Second Time Around


A little over a year ago, I wrote a post about the fact that I was having trouble watching Game of Thrones - not because the show was bad, or I didn't like the source material (quite the opposite, on both counts) - but because knowing what was coming, the loss, the pain, it was all a little too... real.  I watched the entire season, but it wasn't a show I exactly looked forward to watching. Fast forward to the present.  Game of Thrones is now absolutely a show I look forward to watching … [Read more...]

TV Cancellations: The Final Countdown?


Well, decisions have been made, and hardly anyone is happy.  This week, TV networks have been having their "upfronts" - meetings where they announce their lineups and schedules for the next season to press and advertisers.  That means the hard decisions concerning cancellations have been flying thick and fast.  Now, last season's lineups seemed particularly geek-friendly, with quite a few offerings in the sci-fi and fantasy genres.  Perhaps it's not a surprise, then, that not all of them will … [Read more...]

Genre Invasion: Aliens, Zombies and Werewolves, Oh My


I'm calling it now: vampires are on their way out.   Okay, let's be real.  Vampires will never really die (pun intended).  They've been enjoying a slow, steady burn of popularity for the last 30 years at least.  The combination of sheer horror and a monster who looks normal - or attractive - has ignited our imaginations for years.  The vampire mythology is loose enough that you can make nearly any kind of vampire you like (as evidenced by Whitewolf's Vampire: the Masquerade series).  Vampires … [Read more...]

Winter Is Coming: A Song Of Ice And Fire Roleplaying


Everything’s coming up Game of Thrones these days, and I’ll be the first to admit I was late to the party and didn’t start reading the books until around the time the TV series started. But like most of the world, I’m now hooked and want a dire wolf and Needle of my own. So when one of my friends announced he would be running a game using Green Ronin’s Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying system, not even the Others could have kept me away. We’ve been playing for a few weeks now, and I have … [Read more...]

From Series to Screen: Why Do We Watch?


One week after the finale that had many TV-based Game of Thrones fan saying "WTF?", True Blood has returned for a fourth season with a premiere that was actually pretty lighthearted and light on the gore.  And the quick transition between two shows I watch and like has me comparing the two - not against each other, but against the book series that they're based on.  I noticed that though both are popular, HBO shows based on books that were also popular to begin with, they have … [Read more...]

Game of Thrones: Why It’s Hard to Watch


I was late in reading the A Song of Ice and Fire books.  I had heard about them for years; I distinctly remember a client recommending them enthusiastically and talking about the TV series rumors - and that was probably two years ago.  The thing is, I'm not usually a fan of fantasy.  I've never read any of the other Big Fantasy Series that everyone loves. I've read a total of two Anne McCaffrey books - ever.  And I had to read Left Hand of Darkness for two different classes in high school and … [Read more...]

Girls Love Fantasy Too (Or Why “Boy Fiction” Doesn’t Exist)


Odds are you’ve heard something about this little TV show called Game of Thrones that’s just started on HBO. Odds also are that you’ve heard something about a couple of the less-than-positive reviews that went up last week in which it was painfully clear that the reviewers simply don’t like fantasy and think that those of us who do are childish at best, stupid and uncultured at worst. Let me make a couple of disclaimers before I get too deep: I haven’t seen Game of Thrones. We dropped … [Read more...]