Closing Time

L Top of the Rock

I started as the newest writer of the RPG Girl Thursday column January 5th, 2012. Over 100 articles later, this is my final Thursday here at Geek's Dream Girl. When I signed my contract December of 2011, I was anxious. Eager. More than a little terrified. I'd been working in publishing through other jobs before the column; news intern, submissions editor, manuscript proofer, editor, writer. My entry into working with games had been a weird sort of lateral move. I'd been working as an assistant … [Read more...]

Amicable Disagreement 101

Tea: generally better for you than flame wars.

There isn't a month that goes by online that I don't see people discussing problematic content in games. [1] While I'm relieved that we're all trying to talk out our feelings about this content, I'm nauseated by how these conversations continue to go. People disagree about all sorts of things, every day. But threatening people is not 'trolling,' 'drama,' or a 'kerfuffle.' Telling people you hope they or their family die, or that other terrible things should befall them for disagreeing with you, … [Read more...]

Better Research, Better Words

It doesn't matter if you're writing a game, planning your next character, or researching a time period to provide art for an adventure module. All these things require research.  No matter what, there are five categories to keep in mind to help you evaluate your sources. Authority The Author Who is the author of the source material? What training or experience do they have? If their expertise hinges on their academic background, what degrees or certifications do they have? Does the … [Read more...]

A Fistful of News


I don't know about you guys, but I'm keeping my highly caffeinated eyes watching Twitter during summer, because that's when release schedules start getting crazy. Our pocket books may weep, but plenty of this installment will have you jumping for joy.   Always/Never/Now You were the best. Underground, cyberpunk street samurai, burglars and breakers, agents of a mysterious spymaster with half a name, zero history, and a plan. He made the missions and you carried them out. You were the … [Read more...]

Play Style: We Can All Get Along


In the last year, I've begun to get back into board games after a long, hermit-like hiatus.  In doing so, I've begun to realize that there are two basic approaches to board games - and the differences between the two can affect your enjoyment of the experience, the games you choose to play, and even the company you choose to keep. Shiny Happy The first category is one I'm well-acquainted with, because it's my own play style.  As long as I can remember, I've never been someone who worried about … [Read more...]

RPG Girl Thursday: Reading List

They Became Flesh

The best thing about GenCon for me—aside form being GenCon—is that I can walk away with a pile of new books to read. In this respect, GenCon 2012 did not disappoint me. With three role-playing games and a non-fiction book in hand, I made my 18 hour trek back to the West Coast well-armed with literature. I also did that 18 hours mostly running between gates, so I haven't been able to finish my reading list. Yet. There's transit time to PAX, which is when I hope to devour some of these books … [Read more...]

One of Us: Bringing New Gamers into Gaming


As gaming grows as a hobby and an industry, one of the things keeping it alive is the infusion of new blood. New gamers become our best friends and loved ones; some of them are also the future designers, artists, podcasters and publishers we’ll often grow to cherish. So, when a friend or relative new to games says they’d love to learn, these are five starter tips that will hopefully lead to countless nights of gaming.   Consider Their Tastes If someone’s stone cold new to gaming, … [Read more...]

Childhood Rebooted: When Memories Become Retro


Lately I've been feeling, well, old.  Yes, I'm still in my twenties; that's not the point.  The point is that my childhood is now 'retro.' When I was growing up, modern movies that had flashbacks meant going back to the sixties or maybe early seventies.   You know, like the movie Now and Then, or Dazed and Confused - movies that had a "soundtrack that defined an era," that kind of stuff.  Flashbacks meant going back to an era when roller skates had keys and toys were made of wood. Then, … [Read more...]

Top Ten Games To Break Out For The Holidays

Ticket to Ride Europe

With Halloween 2010 in the books, we are firmly entrenched in the holiday season. That means lots of visits with friends and relatives over the next few months, and that in turn means lots of people to keep entertained. Food, fellowship, and football will only keep everyone happy for so long. It’s easy to resort to zoning out in front of the TV, but it’s far more fun and sociable to clear off the table and bring out some games. Which games do you offer as an evening’s entertainment to your … [Read more...]

Dear Anon-O-Box: She’s Geek-Curious, How Do I Break Her In Gently?

Dear Anon-O-Box, What do you do if you find a geek-ready girl? One who is not quite yet an uber-geek, but one who's interested and amenable to things geeky. How can I bring her into the fold without blowing her mind and scaring her away from geeky stuff? - Gateway Geek e answers: Dear GG, You're looking for some gateway geek activities! I polled our Twitter followers to see what they thought were some good gateway geek activities to help bring the geek curious closer and closer to … [Read more...]