How To Pick Up Chicks at the Comic Book Store

girl at comic shop

The last time I was at a comic book store I was my mom and my eleven-year-old cousin, so I wasn’t exactly cruising for chicks. And, luckily, I am butch enough that the guys browsing the bins weren’t cruising for me. But it made me think. One of the hardest parts of approaching an attractive potential date is finding common ground to do it on. At the comic book store, half the work is already done for you! Of course, if you’re gay, there’s the extra step of determining if said potential date is … [Read more...]

Celebrate!: Tips for a Safe, Fun, and Happy Pride


It’s Pride season, everyone! Time to break out the water guns, the body paint, the glittery pasties, the rainbow flags, and the inappropriate political protestors! All across this great country of ours, gay and straight alike, queer and cis, trans and ace, are coming together to celebrate forty years of gay history and a bright new future for LGBT people everywhere. Note One: It’s also happening in the States, FYI. And during this most patriotic of weeks, I would also like to take a moment to … [Read more...]

Leveling Up: Dating As A Skill And How To Master It


In the dating game, geeks like you and me tend to have terrible luck when rolling character stats. We roll high on intelligence and dexterity but critically low on charisma, strength, and, most unfortunate of all, wisdom. Which means we rock at rocket science and Pong, and suck at holding a conversation about either rocket science or Pong, and especially at figuring out what another person is thinking. All of that adds up to awkward, if not downright disasterous, first dates. But all is not … [Read more...]

End of Song, Beginning of Story: Dating Resolutions for the New Year

(c) jenny downing, via Flickr

It’s the first day of the rest of your life! Well, it’s the second day of . . . the second page . . . it’s January 2nd, 2012. A good day for making resolutions. Especially for making new resolutions because the ones you made yesterday have already been broken. I’m trying to avoid the whole resolution thing this year, but for my queer and geeky brethren out there this is the perfect time to make a new start in your quest for love. Think about adding these resolutions to your dating outlook in … [Read more...]

Age Is Just A Number (Unless She’s Seventeen)

Holding hands, by nic snell

Recently, a friend of mine started seeing a guy she met through an online dating site. They hit it off online, and then again when they met in person after a few weeks of chatting. The sex is fantastic, they share similar interests and hobbies, and they can comfortably spend hours just hanging out not doing much of anything. For all intents and purposes, they’re perfectly suited. Except that she’s a nineteen-year-old college student and he’s thirty-five. This is not a cautionary tale, or a … [Read more...]

Why It’s Awesome To Be Gay (In Toronto)

CN Tower lit up for Pride (c) QueensQuayLife

A few weeks ago, I packed up the wife and took off to her Tennessee home for a visit with the in-laws. It was my first time that far south in the States, and I was caught off-guard by how very different it was south of the Mason-Dixon Line. As a butch Canadian woman who has never had to hide my light under a bushel, if you will, I knew, intellectually, that ‘I’m here, I’m queer’ wouldn’t fly very well in small-town Tennessee, but I was unprepared for how hard that reality would hit me. I had … [Read more...]

It’s Complicated: When Facebook Status Can’t Describe You, Part 1


I don’t tend to rail against the injustices of the world. Straight privilege (male privilege, cis privilege, or privilege in general) and all that other stuff we gays get up in arms about. But there is one thing that straight couples have going for them that I have mentioned before – there is precedent. People know what boyfriend and girlfriend entails, and friends-with-benefits, engaged, and married. Of course each situation varies according to the individuals involved, but there is … [Read more...]

We Are Family: A Totally Non-Incestuous Take on Gay Dating


We Are Family. You’ve heard this one – you probably secretly groove to it in your car when it comes on the radio. We are family, I’ve got all my sisters and me . . . Like We Are The Champions: secret gay anthem. (“Dude, no way! Queen is totally manly!” Listen to the lyrics.) But I don’t want to talk about secret gay anthems (and we’ll keep on fighting, my friends!), I want to talk about family - which seems appropriate, considering today is the Canadian statutory holiday known as February … [Read more...]

Popping the Question: D’s Hindsight is Awesome Tips for Asking Out Your First (Gay) Date


The outpouring of support for the It Gets Better Project and all the other efforts to address teenage suicide as a result of bullying has been absolutely freaking awesome. Like, really. Keep it up, keep spreading the word, keep making it better. I am not going to be nearly so depressing this week! I promise. Readers will know that I am obviously the gay dating queen because I ended up gay married. Obviously. This is also totally false. I was generally pretty bad at dating. Well, mostly the … [Read more...]

Dear Anon-O-Box: Why So Gay, Geek’s Dream Girl?

All geek loves are equal.

Dear Anon-O-Box, How many gay articles do we need? What percent of your audience is gay? - Too Many Gay Articles Dear TMGA, Wow. Well, thank you for voicing your concerns regarding the content of Geek's Dream Girl's blog. Allow me to reflect on my reasoning for having so "many gay articles." The Beginnings of Geek's Dream Girl When I launched Geek's Dream Girl in February of 2008, my goal was to help geek guys attract the attention of geek girls through totally amazing online dating … [Read more...]