Love & Dating Lessons from Buffy The Vampire Slayer


As a young teenager, I jumped on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS) uber-fan bandwagon. The show's 1997-2003 run roughly coincided with my preteen stage and into my high school years. As a nerdy and fairly socially awkward kid, Buffy and the Scoobies felt like family. For one TV hour a week, for 7 years, I would eat popcorn and lose myself in the show. As cheesy as it may sound, in those crucial emotional developmental years, Joss Whedon & co. taught me a lot about life and love … [Read more...]

Pet Accessories: Geeking Out With Your Best Friend


I'll level with you: it's been a long time since I've owned a pet.  "My cat" actually lives with my mother, and has since I went off to college; after that I didn't have the heart to uproot her.  Still, I'd feel weird getting another animal while "my cat" is still out there. All this to say, when I last dealt in animal accessories, I felt extra special that my cat had a purple collar instead of a standard red or blue one.  Well, times, they have a-changed.  Just as it's now way easier to find … [Read more...]

Geeky Goals for Adulthood


In general, I can't stand New Year's Resolutions.  I get why people make them - any starting date for any change is arbitrary, so why not do so while you have the support of the people around you? - but I'm personally bad at them.  My resolutions tend to be things like losing weight and cutting out soda.  Let me tell you, trying to make dramatic eating changes and Lift All the Things while still coming out of a holiday sugar coma is a guaranteed recipe to make me cranky.  Oh, and as for soda, … [Read more...]

The Christmas Geek


Ah, it's that time of year again.  It's the middle of December and I'm well into the thick of my personal holiday season, which typically starts after Thanksgiving but has been known to start much earlier in November. In years past I've written about how geeks put their own personal stamp on Christmas - think Star Wars-themed trees and the like.  But this year - in fact, just today - I realized something with a start.  I don't put my own geek spin on Christmas.  Christmas is something I geek … [Read more...]

Smash: Work in Progress


Let's pretend you're a major, and I mean major, sports fan.  Basketball, to be exact.  And a TV show is being developed about a guy who's relatively low on the NBA draft, who lands on a team that, surprisingly to all, seems to be well on their way to being conference champs.  That in itself would probably draw you in - you love what little bits of life-behind-the-scenes you can glean from interviews and articles - but to make things even more exciting, this will have actual, pro-level athletes. … [Read more...]

Gifts for Geeklings


So you hear your sibling, or your co-worker, or your friend, is pregnant.  And one way or another - whether it's a baby shower, or a welcome-back party, or a meet-and-greet, you're going to give a present.  Maybe, depending on the relationship of the gestating one, you'll actually be getting to know the baby.  You'll be cool Aunt Brittany or awesome Uncle Chris. What?! you may be saying to yourself.  I don't know anything about babies!  The last time I held a baby was when I... no wait, I've … [Read more...]

Lots to Look Forward To: The Future D&D Products Announced at GenCon 2011


If you’re like me, you’re gnawing your lip in frustration at the fact that you weren’t able to attend GenCon.  I would’ve loved to be there, but I was beyond swamped this year, so it didn’t manifest.  Maybe next year! Luckily, lots of people that were in attendance were kind enough to let us all know what went down.  Particular to my own personal interest every year is hearing what they announce for new products coming out in the year or so ahead.  While this list isn’t always perfect … [Read more...]

When It’s Hard to Be a Geek


So this week, the internet is abuzz with the latest round of Can a Geek Girl Be Hot? The issue has probably been rehashed to death, so this week you're not going to hear any tales of woe from me about growing up a geek girl.  The truth is, I didn't get all that much grief; maybe the boys just all had crushes on me (as has been insinuated) but I prefer to think that they were just glad they knew anyone else who was willing to discuss Star Wars or The X-Files.  Geek populations were small, after … [Read more...]

C’s Journey Into Cosplay: Stuck Getting Out Of The Gate

C's Kaylee costume from almost 3 years ago. It's too big now, which is part of why she doesn't have a cool costume.

Back around the start of the new year, I made a list of geeky resolutions for 2011. One of them was to cosplay for the first time. So with our first con of the year coming up in just a couple weeks, I must have an awesome costume or two ready to go, right? Nope. I got nothing. Part of the reason I made my resolutions here in my column, for all the geek world to see, was so I’d have you all to hold me accountable. And I can’t expect my readers to make and keep resolutions that I can’t keep, … [Read more...]

Geek Leadership – How Cosplay and Roleplaying May Be Making You A Professional Dynamo

geek leader

A wise and learned man (i.e. my dad) once said that in the end, every career ends up coming down to managing people. Even the most solitary jobs or lowbie entry positions often end up evolving through promotions and reassignments into full blown leadership of a team or coordinating between clients and managers.  So chances are that all of us, even the most solitary writers and night watchmen, will find ourselves in a position where we have to unite people and direct them in some sort of … [Read more...]