Jack-o-Lanterns: Gearing Up to Geek Out


We're already in the thick of fall, and I've had my Halloween decorations (small though they may be) out for days already.  Maybe this is part of the continuing "I'm getting so old!" theme, but I've noticed I've had to adjust my expectations for Halloween over the years.  I'm obviously not of trick-or-treating age anymore, and actually, as an adult, I've never actually been visited by trick-or-treaters (I'm told malls and parking lots are the places to do this now.  So weird).  Most of the … [Read more...]

The Things We Leave Behind: Why?


A long time ago (the 1990s), when I was a freshman in high school, I decided to carry a McDonald's Happy Meal plastic pumpkin pail as a purse/pencil box.  I have no idea what possessed me to do this, but I thought it was adorable and funny (baby irony, I suppose).  When it was no longer the Halloween season, I spotted a tin Sailor Moon lunchbox at a store I loved.  I carried some form of lunchbox for the remainder of high school. Even as I write this, I cringe.  I associate the lunchbox purse … [Read more...]

Geek: The Next Generation


Just as there are different generations in mainstream culture, there are absolutely different generations in geek culture.  It can be pretty easy to peg the age of a fellow geek just based on their interests or references, just as you might with music or sports references.  Don't believe me?  Ask someone what their first game console was.  Most big Buffy fans will tend to be between the ages of 27 and 45, but most likely in their mid to upper 30s.  And I don't know about you, but I've always … [Read more...]

Who History: Dr. Who or Doctor Who?


We've all seen them: the images floating around Tumblr and Pinterest.  The threads that pop up on forums and Facebook.  The little snide comments on Twitter.  They usually boil down to something like this:  Person A: Oh hai guys, I'm almost done with the first season of Dr Who! Boy that gas mask mummy kid was scary. Person B: OMG. Okay, first of all, its not really the first season, there were eight Doctors that came first. Second of all - it's DOCTOR, not DR.  NEVER abbreviate it. Sheesh, … [Read more...]

Conversation Chillers: Weapons


As you undoubtedly already know, here at Geek's Dream Girl we're all fans of geek guys.  I don't think I've ever dated a guy who couldn't be called a geek guy, actually.  However, it's also no secret that some can be a little, well, awkward.  There's an internal filter that we can all access; some naturally use it depending on the situation, while others need to be reminded that it even exists.  So I began to wonder: even if you're on a date with a proud nerd girl like myself, are there actually … [Read more...]

Costumes for the Lazy


So you've been invited to a last-minute Halloween costume party.  Only one problem: you're not the costume "type," so you don't have anything from a con on standby, and you've got very little time to throw anything together.  Or maybe you'd like to keep your effort to a bare minimum.  What will you do? Below are a few "lazy" ideas for costumes.  These require minimal time and purchases, and hopefully look a bit more clever than just buying a cape from a drugstore. H Is For Hologram On the … [Read more...]

Non-Geek Families: Do They Exist?

I've mentioned before that I have several siblings.  Growing up, we were definitely individuals; there are many differences: age, appearance, philosophy, likes and dislikes.  Just about every cliche group was represented: one trendy, one gothy, one blonde, one brunette, one cheerleader, one in the drama club.  Here's the thing, though.  We're all adults now, and every one of us is an unabashed geek. Sure, we all fit into some group or another in school, but when left to our own devices - … [Read more...]