The Geek’s Dream Girl Guide to Convention Etiquette & Meeting New People


  The focus of our site is primarily on how to connect with like minded geeks via online dating, but we also actively encourage getting out into the world and meeting people face to face. With GDG boss lady  E. Foley at GenCon this week and a flurry of other conventions happening across North America (I’ll be at Toronto’s Fan Expo next week - come say hi at the Nerd Girl Burlesque booth), I wanted to touch on the right and wrong ways to go about meeting fellow geeks at … [Read more...]

GenCon Bound: D&D, Speed Dating, and Knitting, oh my!

It's that time again! The best time of year for gamer guys and girls... GENCON! Woooo! (I am only a little bit excited.) I've actually cut back a little on my scheduled events this year in an attempt to, I dunno, do more gaming? So we'll see how it goes. I'm looking forward to playing games, running speed dating, and teaching a knitting class for the SPA crowd. Wednesday Arriving early afternoon. Dave(TheGame) & I are at the Westin, but we'll likely be hanging out in the JW lobby … [Read more...]

How to Survive MISSING a Con

No more PAX tickets. Even Spock is sobbing over it.

There comes a traumatic moment in every young geek's life where they must confront the sad but unavoidable truth; sometimes, you just can't ATTEND ALL OF THE THINGS. Whether it be due to finances, other obligations, or the ever-common problem of tickets selling out too fast, we've all had to miss out on a convention we really wanted to go to (unless, of course, you hate conventions, in which case, congratulations for making better life choices than I have!) Once upon a time, that would have … [Read more...]

My Geeky Resolutions – GGG Reveals His Intentions for 2013


Hullo, gentle readers. As I write this, I’m relaxing in my husband’s old home in San Ramon, CA. There have been a lot of stories told about beloved restaurants from his childhood, old friends much missed. And of course, there’s been plenty of talk about the upcoming year. Something I’ve realized is that my various plans/intentions/resolutions fall into two major categories: Geeky and Not. I want to continue to lose weight. I want to work on a novel. I want to work on a book of non-fiction … [Read more...]

#GenCon Speed Dating Causes A Wedding: Congrats Michael & Jess!


Congratulations to Michael & Jessica, who are getting hitched today. Turns out, that really speedy date they had in The House at Union Station was the conversation that sparked what will hopefully be a lifelong romance. Congrats, you two! Got Your GenCon Speed Dating Ticket? Here's how you can get in on this fun event and possibly meet your soulgeek: Tickets for MEN seeking WOMEN: $20 (21-35) (currently sold out, but come with generics just in case we have dropouts!) $20 … [Read more...]

E’s 2012 GenCon Schedule


Need to find E at GenCon? Participating in speed dating or other geek dating events? Want to knit with her? Here's your stalking info, right here. First of all, I'd like to thank my friend Josh for his house/petsitting services. I already miss my furry children, but I know you're being a great substitute parent. Getting in Touch The best way to get in touch with me is to send me a tweet. I obsessively check my phone, so I'll reply as soon as I'm able. If you are among the lucky folks to have … [Read more...]

Where to Find New Jobs: Adventure to Dice Castle


The last, two months, I talked about how important it is to research the companies you want to work for. I also provided an allegory that (hopefully) highlights how employers view you. As a freelancer, you are essentially operating your own business. Self-employment -- even if it's part-time -- is a real job. Freelancing for the hobby games industry just happens to be more creative than doing someone's taxes or making copies all day. Before you can ask yourself any questions about who you … [Read more...]

Lots to Look Forward To: The Future D&D Products Announced at GenCon 2011


If you’re like me, you’re gnawing your lip in frustration at the fact that you weren’t able to attend GenCon.  I would’ve loved to be there, but I was beyond swamped this year, so it didn’t manifest.  Maybe next year! Luckily, lots of people that were in attendance were kind enough to let us all know what went down.  Particular to my own personal interest every year is hearing what they announce for new products coming out in the year or so ahead.  While this list isn’t always perfect … [Read more...]

GenCon Speed Dating Tips From The Guy Who Got 9 Matches


 Editor's Note: GenCon is coming up quickly and there are tickets available for ladies to get in on the Speed Dating events on Friday. Click to order tickets if you are a lady aged 21-35, or here if you are a lady over 30.  (Yes, if you're in the middle, you can choose one - or both!) Last year we had a blast! We actually ended up with more women than men because a few guys chickened out at the last minute. Since we had a waiting list, we were able to even the numbers back out at the last … [Read more...]

Geek Speed Dating at GenCon: How Will It Work?


I've gotten a lot of questions about how speed dating at GenCon will work, so I've dedicated a whole post here to everything you'd ever want to know. Here are the basics: Geek Speed Dating Find love at Gen Con? Sure can! Go on several mini-dates with single geeks like yourself and maybe you'll leave Indy with a love connection! Almost all the guy tickets are sold already, but we could definitely use more ladies!  Not surprised the guy tickets sold out first... but I know we'll have some … [Read more...]