Gay Pride and Prejudice


If you’ve gone into a big city in the last week or so, you may have noticed a lot of color out there, and a lot of men wearing a lot less than they might normally be wearing. You may have noticed a parade or two, and I’m almost sure you’ll have seen a rainbow flag or two. That would be because it’s June, which has become gay pride month. I love gay pride, largely because I’m gay. I enjoy the over-the-top kookiness and glitz of the events, and I love living in a big city where it gets … [Read more...]

Dear Anon-O-Box: Why So Gay, Geek’s Dream Girl?

All geek loves are equal.

Dear Anon-O-Box, How many gay articles do we need? What percent of your audience is gay? - Too Many Gay Articles Dear TMGA, Wow. Well, thank you for voicing your concerns regarding the content of Geek's Dream Girl's blog. Allow me to reflect on my reasoning for having so "many gay articles." The Beginnings of Geek's Dream Girl When I launched Geek's Dream Girl in February of 2008, my goal was to help geek guys attract the attention of geek girls through totally amazing online dating … [Read more...]

It Gets Better


Okay. Gay teen suicide. I hate that phrase. Those words in combination suck. I hate it. I hate hearing it, I hate reading about it, I hate seeing it on every episode of Oprah, Maury, Dr Oz, and Ellen that I watch (the only shows that I can watch in the break room at work). So you know what? It’s gotta stop. But it’s not going to, because people are dicks. People hurt other people because they can, because they want to, because it’s fun. Because people are small-minded and lash out at … [Read more...]

It Gets A Little Better All The Time

It Gets Better

My husband Steve poked me one day and said, “You should do a column about the It Gets Better project.” The moment he said it, I knew I’d be writing this column. If you’re not already familiar with it, go visit the YouTube page. This project, started by Dan Savage of the infamous “Savage Love” advice column, is an attempt to reach out to gay kids who’re experiencing harassment in school and say, “Look…this is a really hard part of your life, but it gets better.” My Own Experiences I was very … [Read more...]

Paws for Reflection: On The Furry Fandom

photo by marchnwe

In my replies to comments about my “Nothin’ in My Closet” article, I outed myself…bum bum BUM! Well, you all already knew I was gay, and a geek, so I outed myself as a Furry! *gasp!* That didn’t seem to make you all stop reading my pieces, so maybe some of the stigma has died down. In fact, the redoubtable E asked if I’d be willing to write a piece on being a Furry. Since I’m always glad to advocate for a fandom I’m part of, I said yes. How I Became a Bear…Literally First, a wee bit of … [Read more...]

The Lesbian Never Wins: Bisexuality and Reality TV


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a (straight) man in possession of a libido must be in want of hot chicks making out. MTV quickly filled this void with their series of “bisexual dating shows,” A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, A Second Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, and finally,  A Double Shot at Love with the Ikki Twins. So let’s talk about bisexuality! Specifically, let’s talk about the Ikki Twins, mainly because I just finished watching it and partly because thinking about Dani … [Read more...]

Dick, Dyke, or Queen: Your Field Guide


Taking my cue from my blogging idol, Dan Savage, I confess to you, my readers, that this column is written under the influence of a beautiful wheat beer consumed while sitting at the open window of the Rainbow Village Cafe in the heart of queer Toronto. That is the setting for this exciting edition of what I would like to call Dick, Dyke, or Queen: Your Field Guide to the Queer and Fabulous. The Field Guide (if you will) is not just about identifying specifies of wild queers, but identifying … [Read more...]

Do Bisexuals Exist on Internet Dating Sites?


We all know the joke about the internet: the men are men, the women are men, and the children are FBI agents. But what about the bisexuals? There's no doubt that bisexuals exist, at least, in the minds of those who have done their homework. But there's another question to start with, which is just as important: is there a place for us? In search of a site to call home... As I explored dating sites, I discovered that different online dating sites cater to bisexuals very differently. Plenty … [Read more...]

Gamer vs. Gay-mer


Long before I was out as a gay man (I don’t recall a time when I wasn’t “out” as a gamer), I remember a conversation with my friend Jeff. We had been playing Dungeons & Dragons together regularly for some time, and the players were various friends of ours. At some point, the conversation took an odd turn. “Do you think Mike is gay?” he asked, meaning another of our friends. For a moment, I had a panic attack. Why was he asking me? Was it because he thought I was gay? “I…um…why would … [Read more...]

Nothin’ In My Closet But My Cloak


EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first post by Andy, our Gay Geek Guy. He'll be joining us once a month and writing about life as a gay gaming geek. We figured Independence Day would be the perfect day to talk about declaring freedom from the closet. Welcome, GGG! When I first saw the film Über Goober, I had to roll my eyes. Almost right from the beginning of this documentary about gaming, there was a man who was silhouetted like he was in the witness protection program, talking about his gaming … [Read more...]