Party Like It’s 2012


Do you remember the Year 2000 craze?  Once upon a time, 2000 was widely held as the magic year that would signify the end of the world.  When 1999 came around, rather than party like the year it was, some stockpiled food, gold and weapons instead.  Oh, and to make matters worse, there was the Y2K Bug - a computer glitch that did, indeed, have the potential to cause problems at midnight on New Years' Eve.  How many problems, no one could say for sure, but the fact that there was something that … [Read more...]

Movies With Extra Bite

The other day, I watched Gwoemul, or The Host (though that name doesn't conjure up the right image at all), a 2006 South Korean film.  Normally I don't like horror movies; however, this wasn't really what I'd call horror at all.  Rather, it's a modern version of a good, old-fashioned monster movie. In the grand tradition of classic science fiction, the monster is not the sole focus; there's biting social and political commentary that lingers after the movie is over.    It got me thinking … [Read more...]