Open Call for Writers for Goodman Games’ New Book of Rituals!

Ever wanted to be a PAID RPG writer? (I have!) Goodman Games has just announced an open call for their upcoming Book of Rituals.   If this book turns out anything like GM Gems or PC Pearls, readers are in for a real treat! More information about the open call... … [Read more...]

Hybban’s Geek Review: GM Gems by Goodman Games

Welcome to another Geek Review by Hybban, Mielka's DM. Prior to the edition of new 4E modules for their Dungeon Crawl Classics line, Goodman Games published three edition-free books this summer.   Let’s review those, beginning with the first one published : GM Gems. This 64 page book, available in PDF or paperback, gives tools for the GM/DM that will allow him to flesh out his fantasy games.  Sure, we are playing Dungeons & Dragons, but there's a lot more to the game than dungeons and … [Read more...]

The Virgin DM Monologues: TrapMaster? No, try TrapBastard!

I'm getting more comfortable with this whole DMing thing.  Thankfully, I have good players (when they're behaving!) and Hybban is basically a walking talking reference for all RPG rules, EVER.  Did I mention he knows the math for everybody's characters better than they know their own?  Yeah, it's helpful.  Mildly disturbing, but  helpful. Either way, for those just joining us, I'm running Dungeon Crawl Classics 54: Forges Of The Mountain King, one of the new 4e adventure modules by Goodman … [Read more...]

The Virgin DM Monologues: TPK!

TPK! Nah, just kidding.  (Wouldn't that be funny though?) I have to say that the second time DMing was much better than the first. (Much like other virginity-losing experiences?)   To review, here is the cast of characters: Egon - Halfling Rogue, ex-husband of Babs. Babs - Barbarian, ex-wife of Egon. Orsik - Dwarf Cleric We last left our adventurers as they were entering the tower on the side of the mountain.   Egon fell when walking over the rotted fallen door and got himself a … [Read more...]

The Virgin DM Monologues: Prepping for Game #2

Who would have thought that Hybban getting pneumonia would mean I'd get to run my game sooner rather than later?   Go figure.  Hyb's feeling better thanks to drugs, but had to cancel running a session of Living Forgotten Realms.  (The proprietor of our Friendly Local Gaming Store smokes in the store and having a lung-related ailment, Hyb' had to avoid the atmosphere there.) Either way, I found out on Thursday that I'd be running my game on Saturday.   Luckily, I had over-prepped for the first … [Read more...]

The Virgin DM Monologues: Thoughts After the First Game

I survived!  Aren't you proud of me?  I'm proud of me!  Let me introduce you to the cast of characters first and then go back and tell you all the fun, crazy, annoying, embarrassing details. The PCs: Babs the Barbarian - 7 feet of butt-kicking female wonder.  Ex-wife of Egon.  Claims that Egon stole her jewels and is chasing him down and making a nuisance of herself until he gives them back. Egon the Halfing Rogue - Who was awfully tall today because he didn't have a halfling mini.  … [Read more...]

The Virgin DM Monologues: Prepping for Game #1

I made the crazy decision that I wanted to try my hand at DMing.  How this notion got into my head, I'm not quite sure.  Either way, I opened my big mouth (both in real life and on the blog), so here I am! Because I want to share the crazy process of what goes on in my n00b mind without giving any early hints to my players, the posts regarding my campaign will be published significantly later than the actual dates involved.   For example:  I'm writing this the night before my first game takes … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: The Background Information

Hooray for New Adventure! As you all know, I'm starting up with a new D&D group on Monday.  I'm super excited to get back into playing and learning 4e.   Oh, and the campaign logs!  That too! Here's my dwarf:  Mielka Dawnhammer Anyway, here is some background information about our campaign, courtesy of our DM and his giant box of stuff. … [Read more...]