Machete: Stepping Into the Larger World of Rodriguez


I saw Machete on opening night - and I loved it, just as I expected I would.  There's an extra layer of fun in this movie, however, that only Rodriguez fans will enjoy; the people, music, and even props that make it, unmistakably, a Rodriguez film.  You can be in on the joke, too!  All it takes is a little movie-watching. See, Robert Rodriguez - one of the writers and directors on Machete - started out as a small, indie filmmaker.   To save money, he became adept at all stages of … [Read more...]

Piranha 3D: What Was I Thinking?


In general, I'm a squeamish person.  I don't particularly like horror movies, especially ones with lots of gore.  Similarly, I'm not one for much violence.  There are notable exceptions to this rule - I love nearly every Tarantino film, for example, and most of the Rodriguez ones - but for the most part, I'm comfortable with keeping things PG-13.  Or, um, PG.  So of course it would make perfect sense that I would decide to see Piranha 3D last weekend. Wait, let me back up here a little … [Read more...]