Mecha Anime, the Movie: Review of Pacific Rim


Huh. So apparently, Hollywood is making anime now. Oh, don't be fooled. Pacific Rim might look like it's a live action Hollywood movie, with its Guillermo del Toros and Idris Elbas and Ron Perlmans. But at its heart, it is 100% grade A mecha anime. Add to that a heaping helping of classic kaiju movies and silly summer blockbusters, and it's a perfect storm of geeky interests. Yet for some reason, Pacific Rim has not been doing as well as people expected, despite a huge amount of positive … [Read more...]

What Disney Rides Would Be Good Movies?


A few months back, Guillermo del Toro raised eyebrows when he announced at Comic-Con that he would be making a new Haunted Mansion movie, one that would be scarier.  This thrilled me, because while in retrospect the 2003 version of The Haunted Mansion did capture many facets of the ride (the silly, the funny, the scary), there was always something about it that felt jumbled, didn't have that singular atmosphere that, say, Pirates of the Caribbean did. So today I was hunting about for some … [Read more...]