Want A Web Design Trick That Will Improve Your Dating Profile?

Is Your Dating Profile a Tasty Cupcake?

Welcome to 2012, everyone! When you've read as many dating profiles as I have, you start to notice patterns. Whether it's writing about your ex, being negative, starting every sentence with "I", or not giving your audience any reason to write you, I think I've covered a lot of them in the past. (If you're new, click on Geek Dating Advice and take a surf through the archives!) But I missed this one! A Good Example Let's look at an example of good web design. I'm going to be a little … [Read more...]

Nobody Views My Dating Profile! What Am I Doing Wrong?

You've got your profile filled in and written up.  You've selected your best pictures.  You're sitting back and waiting... and waiting... and waiting. "Nobody's writing me!" you whine.  "Not only that, nobody's even VIEWING ME! What am I doing wrong?" Tired of being that guy going to movies alone?  Here are a few tips to make your profile more clickable. … [Read more...]

Freshen Up With A Summer Headline!

You update your Facebook about six times a day.  You update Twitter about six times six times.  When was the last time you changed your online dating profile headline? Do you even remember what your profile headline is?   Go on, check it... I'll wait... … [Read more...]

Quick Fix: Freshen Up With a Winter Headline!

The best way to drive new (and old) traffic to your dating profile is to keep it fresh!   Update your pictures as often as you can, but in a pinch, a new headline is a great way to draw attention.  Here are the headline ideas from the last post and an idea on how to write each into your profile text. … [Read more...]

Quick Fix: Freshen Up With a New Fall Headline!

Keeping your dating profile fresh is something that will increase the amount of hits you receive!   Here's a quick way to do that - how about a new headline? … [Read more...]