A Gift-Guide for the Gamer Geek – 5 Gifts from Wee to Frickin’ Huge!

Dragon Ornament

The holiday season is upon us: Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day…don’t you wish there was actually boxing on Boxing Day? No? Maybe it’s just me. But whatever holiday you celebrate, it’s nice to think that we’re all bonded together by certain common elements. All of these holidays are celebrations of love, family, friends…and the unbridled desire to get awesome stuff. I’m sure you’ll see lots of gift-guides this holiday season, but I wanted to give mine a specifically gaming slant. … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving: Geeks on Parade?


Looks like geeks really are taking over the media!  Some of the most popular movies and television shows this past year have been from niche genres.  But how do you know you’ve really made it?  When you’re represented alongside Dora and the cast of Wicked at the Thanksgiving Parade, of course.  Following are some unconfirmed*, anonymous sneak peaks at what properties we’ll be seeing represented tomorrow: Game of Thrones This float will feature Santa perched gingerly on the Iron Throne.  Behind … [Read more...]

Batman Is Coming To Town: Stocking Stuffers for the Comic Book Fan

Batman Is Comin' To Town

I’m not done my Christmas shopping yet. I know, I know, I am cutting it pretty close. I’ll probably have to beat other shoppers with a candy cane to force my way through the crowds at the mall. I’d tell you all where I’m going, but my wife reads these and I don’t want her to know what she’s getting. It can be hard to shop for geeks sometimes. Other than just buying out the entire stock of ThinkGeek, you can get kind of stuck. Luckily for you, I have come up with a short list of stocking … [Read more...]

The Lord of the Five Golden Rings – LOTRO’s Yule Festival


There is a surprisingly long link in my mind between the Lord of the Rings and Christmas. Although I did not receive Tolkien’s trilogy as a Christmas present, I can recall being thrilled as a child to find the mention of Yule in the Shire calendar in the appendix of the Return of the King. The three movie versions all came out in late December as well, and it became a Christmas tradition to see each one with my Dad on Christmas day (after dinner at a Chinese restaurant). Therefore, I have no … [Read more...]

Wrap Up Some Crafty Goodness: Gifts For The Crafty Geek


Time is winding down to get holiday gifts for all your geeky friends. If there is a crafty geek in your life, you may have been leaving them for last, unsure what to get them.  Never fear, this crafty geek is here to help! Buying gifts for crafters can be difficult, especially for a non-crafter. The temptation is strong to buy them craft supplies and call it a day. While no crafter I know would turn down a gift of supplies, most of us are rather particular about what we use. For example, I … [Read more...]

Nurturing Your Relationship in the Holiday Season


Whether your relationship is brand-spanking-new or so comfortable it's practically a Snuggie, the holidays can be a trying time for all.  When you think about it, the holidays can contain most of the major relationship stressors in one fell swoop: family, money, travel... and that's just the most common scenarios. "The most wonderful time of the year," can, in fact, be the most stressful.  So how do we get your relationship through unscathed?  Hopefully these tips and tricks will help, … [Read more...]

Freshen Up Your Dating Profile For the Holidays


The holiday season is upon us! Are you about to shove your dating life to the "Do Right in 2011" list? Don't do it; try this first. Change just a few lines of your dating profile and you'll be amazed at the new life it breathes into your online dating experience. Why It Works Most singles skimming their online dating site are doing just that - skimming. The good thing about skimming is that you can read a lot in a short amount of time. This is great for the skimmer, but not the skimmed. If the … [Read more...]

The Geek’s Guide to Romantic Gift-Giving

A Gift for My Geek Love

I don't think this is a very “niche” topic, because let's face it, a lot of us have trouble with those “special days” when dating, not just geeks! It's just that we're prone to getting wrapped up in developing entire worlds, complete with four rival religions with eight classes of priests in each, and strongholds and characters and plotlines... oh. Is that just me?   (Don't blame me... I die if I have to DM by the seat of my pants or write in a world I don't know well enough.) Moving … [Read more...]