Clash of the Titans: Remade With Affection


Growing up, I saw Clash of the Titans several times, like most children my age.  Weirdly enough, I distinctly remember watching it over a few days in sixth-grade Earth-Space Science class (but why? Other movies from that year included Space Camp, and Jurassic Park, which required a permission slip).  However, when someone unfamiliar with the movie asked me about it, I had a jumble of images and couldn't really relate the plot: "Well, Perseus has to go cut Medusa's head off.  And the Kraken... … [Read more...]

Movies With Extra Bite

The other day, I watched Gwoemul, or The Host (though that name doesn't conjure up the right image at all), a 2006 South Korean film.  Normally I don't like horror movies; however, this wasn't really what I'd call horror at all.  Rather, it's a modern version of a good, old-fashioned monster movie. In the grand tradition of classic science fiction, the monster is not the sole focus; there's biting social and political commentary that lingers after the movie is over.    It got me thinking … [Read more...]