Doctor Who: Series Six Finale Review


Another season of Doctor Who has come to a close.  If you haven't watched the final episode yet, best to put this on hold for now, because there are spoilers, even if they are vague.  You've been warned!   First of all, let me get this out of the way: I'm still enjoying Doctor Who.  It's still one of my favorite shows to watch, and even on its worst day I prefer the writing vastly to the first few new series.  I'm still a Moffat fangirl.  I still can't wait for next season (which, I've heard, … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: Double the Fun?


Yes, it's the beginning of September.  We won't have a new Doctor Who episode until the Christmas Special, months away; there won't be a new season (series) until next spring.  Why, then, are the Doctor Who fan communities buzzing?  Well, when spring rolls around and we get our much-anticipated new series, we won't be getting 13 new episodes... we'll be getting seven. But wait!  There's more! After a break of a few months, Doctor Who will be back, in the fall, with six more episodes.  … [Read more...]

Older Doctor Who: Where to Start?

So maybe you've watched all of the new series of Doctor Who, from Eccleston on, but the older Doctors are a mystery to you.  Maybe you want to see Sarah Jane Smith in all her young nubile glory.  Or maybe you've never seen any Doctor Who because you're a completist and want to do it "right."  Where's the best place to begin? Option One: Begin at the Beginning Well, you could start with the first Doctor... but it won't be easy.  For one thing, it's in black and white, and slower paced.  While … [Read more...]

New Doctor Who: First Impressions


Whether or not you've seen the new series of Doctor Who today, you will have this weekend (and if you don't have plans to, you should).  I've had the first episode percolating in my brain for a few weeks now, and I think I'm finally ready to give my (non-spoilery) thoughts. A few months back, after the last episode with the old Doctor, I posted my hopes and wishes for the new season. This season features a new Head Writer and Executive Producer, so we're talking about more than just a new … [Read more...]