2013 has been the year of trying new games. Since my fiance and I are trying to play at least one game for every night of Hanukkah, the recent card game adventures we've been having are ones I wanted to share with you. As an added bonus, these are games you can play with just about anyone; they also become a lot more fun when you start strategizing.   Fish Cook Cheapass Games.2-6 Players. Time to play: 45 Minutes. $15. In Fish Cook, the players are chefs competing against each … [Read more...]

Walking the Streets of Bedlam: Interviewing Jason L. Blair


  Jason L. Blair wanted to write a noir game. What he got was a Kickstarter that hit 342% funded, a soundtrack from Ed Lima, and illustrations from Shawn Gaston. From an Editor-in-Chief to game designer and fiction writer, Jason’s scared readers across anthologies and frightened gamers with his Little Fears RPG. The newest destination in his career is Bedford and Lamrose, home to the Streets of Bedlam.     GDG: Why did you pick Savage Worlds as the system for Streets of … [Read more...]