Tis the Season… for Krampus


The holiday season is in full swing, but this week some parts of the world are about to celebrate one you might not be as familiar with: The Feast of Saint Nicholas. Last year we covered that I'm a Christmas geek, but while I mentioned Krampus he's not really associated with Christmas... technically.  I know Krampus is becoming popular in recent years, but if you're a fan the time to celebrate is now, not Christmas Eve.  Since we know geeks are a stickler for accuracy, here's a little background … [Read more...]

The Holiday Episode

At some point in our gaming lives, we may be tempted to execute a "holiday" game. The temptation grows immense in winter, when the psychic critical mass of the world's winter holidays sits on top of your imagination and begs you to invite them to the table. Whether you're running with a real-world holiday, religious event from the game's canon, or your own home-brewed festival, I've got a few words of advice on making your very special holiday installment an enjoyable one.   Player … [Read more...]

The Christmas Geek


Ah, it's that time of year again.  It's the middle of December and I'm well into the thick of my personal holiday season, which typically starts after Thanksgiving but has been known to start much earlier in November. In years past I've written about how geeks put their own personal stamp on Christmas - think Star Wars-themed trees and the like.  But this year - in fact, just today - I realized something with a start.  I don't put my own geek spin on Christmas.  Christmas is something I geek … [Read more...]