The Devil in the Details

Caution Sign. Oregon State Historic Cemeteries.

It's the little details that often capture our imaginations while we run and play games. These are some spooky-to-gruesome sights in the spirit of the season, to inspire your games, tabletop or larp, across a number of time periods. The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society has 18 free prop templates for documents you can use with your Mythos-inspired games. From an Arkham Library Card to a Death Certificate, they've got you covered from fictional childhood to fictional grave. For those who … [Read more...]

Go Play in the Northwest


I had an amazing time at GoPlay Northwest. GPNW is a fantastic convention, held yearly in Seattle, Washington. No panels, no workshops, no events. It's a morning to night parade of games, with sane and timely breaks for meals. I was able to play four games this year, all of them more than worth the time. One was a playtest, so I'll talk about the other three.   The Upgrade In The Upgrade, players fill the roles of couples on a Temptation Island-esque dating reality television show. … [Read more...]



So, this weekend, for the first time in many years, I played a LARP for a full weekend, as opposed to running one. I found myself lured to a game called Cottington Woods due to it being a brand new LARP that professes itself as a “Dark Faerie Tale” LARP. (We’ve talked about how much I love faerie tales before.) I was intrigued, and I liked the write-up of the concepts on their website, so I decided to give it a try. It was excellent, and I’ll be returning, but that’s not the point of this … [Read more...]

Big World Same as Small World – Four Life-Learnings from LARPing


Hullo, gentle readers. I hope you’re all enjoying your holiday season as much as I am. As I mentioned before, the main reason for my hiatus was because I was deeply involved in running my Lovecraft Legacies LARP. At various times during the running of this LARP, I reflecting on how my LARPing style has been affected by my real life work, and how my real life has been affected by things I’ve learned during my LARPing. Here, then, are five things that have grown from my LARPing to inform my … [Read more...]

Tech Support – GGG Ponders on the Role Technology Has Taken in Running RPGs


Hullo, gentle readers! Your GGG is back! I’ve been absolutely consumed with working on a Lovecraftian Horror LARP, so I took a month long leave of absence. I’m very pleased to be back, though, and the experience made me think a lot about potential articles to share with you all. One of the nice things about this event was that I got to see two friends that I hadn’t seen in years. He hasn’t LARPed in years, and after the game, he told me that, in response to one of our effects, he’d thought, … [Read more...]

Getting Back Out Of Character


It hadn’t been a pretty night. I’d violated Elysium preventing an assassination, discovered the identity of the Spymaster (and nearly devoured him) and to cap it all off, there were was a swirl of rumors that perhaps the city’s newest arrival was the secret mistress of the Prince of Jerusalem. I was in no mood to deal with the Seneschal. I can still remember that night because it was mythical in its negativity. I left game feeling pissed off and drained. Some of that anger was … [Read more...]

RPG Girl Thursday Reads: Leaving Mundania


Leaving Mundania: Inside the Transformative World of Live Action Role Playing Game* Lizzie Stark Paperback: 272 pages Publisher: Chicago Review Press (May 1, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 1569766053 ISBN-13: 978-1569766057   Published earlier this year, you may have missed Leaving Mundania in the slew of spring releases. Stark’s first book straddles the space between academia and pop cultural text, an endeavor one can  label narrative nonfiction. After covering … [Read more...]

When the Gay Outweighs the Geek – An Unexpected Encounter with Homophobia


I had a sudden encounter with homophobia in the relatively recent past. It kind of came out of nowhere, and, ironically, I didn’t know about it until afterwards. Dealing with it, however, reminded me that it’s still out there, even amongst gamers, who I think of as some of the nicest and most accepting people there are. I was involved with a gaming event recently. I don’t want to cause a scene, point fingers, or have people guessing. Suffice to say it was a big game with a lot of players that … [Read more...]

Scare, Shock, Gross Out, Entertain – Running a Horror-Themed RPG


By the time you read this article, my friends, I will have gone through the ultimate test of a LARP GM’s experiences. I will have run a weekend that was almost entirely developed by yours truly. From the rules to the setting to the story to the characters…this weekend is all about my vision of how to run a scenario set in a Lovecraft-based setting. Even as experienced a LARP GM as I am, this particular event has had tons of challenges. It’s actually easier for me to run a game set in the … [Read more...]

Inspiration from Everywhere – Finding Game Material from Sources Beyond the Obvious


Imagine the scene: A group of hardy adventurers slip through the woods. They know that they are facing a cult of Bane-worshipping hobgoblins, and they can hear the cultists chanting ahead. They enter the clearing, engaging in battle with the foul foe. But then a howl comes from behind them! Bugbear shock troops charge in from the rear flank, out of dense thickets, and what seemed like it was about to be a decent fight is suddenly a tough one! A battle the players will remember? I would hope … [Read more...]