Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Crossover Goodness

Lego Marvel Super Heroes preview - video

For someone who did not play much with Legos growing up (I'm an Earthling, I swear) I am surprisingly fond of the Lego games.  There's not much Lego nostalgia in it for me; they're just... cute.  And satisfying; they somehow manage to scratch that "break all the things" itch without being particularly violent.  Also, since most of the console games I enjoy tend to be primarily one-player affairs, I like that Lego, to me, is much better in co-op mode.  And, of course, I enjoy the movies that are … [Read more...]

LEGO Pirates: Tell a Tale of Fun


Until a week or so ago, I had never played a LEGO video game.   If you know me, that ought to be shocking.  For one thing, I'm one of those people who melt and giggle at anything cute.  For another, I have a pretty silly sense of humor.  I'm willing to at least try most video games.  Then there's the fact that I'm a fangirl, at varying levels, of the Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  And finally, my personal favorite: at least five years ago, I … [Read more...]