Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Crossover Goodness

Lego Marvel Super Heroes preview - video

For someone who did not play much with Legos growing up (I'm an Earthling, I swear) I am surprisingly fond of the Lego games.  There's not much Lego nostalgia in it for me; they're just... cute.  And satisfying; they somehow manage to scratch that "break all the things" itch without being particularly violent.  Also, since most of the console games I enjoy tend to be primarily one-player affairs, I like that Lego, to me, is much better in co-op mode.  And, of course, I enjoy the movies that are … [Read more...]

KK’s Keen Comics, March 13, 2013 Releases


Greetings comics fans! Some very strong issues this week. But first, a quick plug. For a while now, some friends of mine, Caytlin Vilbrandt and Samantha Mathis, have been publishing an online comic called Walking on Broken Glass. It's about werewolves and magic and monsters and romance and dark prophecies and all kinds of good stuff, and I'm in love with Caytlin's art. They're running an indiegogo campaign now for a print run of the latest issue, and you can get earlier issues through it. … [Read more...]

KK’s Keen Comics, February 27th, 2013 Releases


Hi, comic lovers! It's very rare that I get a week with two comics I love as much as this week's winners. Some truly fantastic stuff coming out of the House of Ideas at Marvel these days. It's work like this that keeps my passion alive for mainstream comic books. Young Avengers #2 In the end of issue #1, in an effort to do something nice for his boyfriend, Wiccan (the son of the Scarlet Witch) reaches into an alternate dimension to rescue Hulkling's mother moments before she was killed. Or at … [Read more...]

KK’s Keen Comics: February 6th, 2013 Releases

Star Trek #17 cover

Welcome Back! This is my column where I highlight the comics that delighted and surprised me for the week, and I’ve got some good ones for you once again! Star Trek #17  This comic follows the adventures of the starship Enterprise, in the J.J. Abrams movie continuity. Some storylines are retellings of classic trek episodes that turn out differently with the personality shifts due to the alternate continuity in the characters, but the best ones are the detailed character dives. There was a nice … [Read more...]