Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Crossover Goodness

Lego Marvel Super Heroes preview - video

For someone who did not play much with Legos growing up (I'm an Earthling, I swear) I am surprisingly fond of the Lego games.  There's not much Lego nostalgia in it for me; they're just... cute.  And satisfying; they somehow manage to scratch that "break all the things" itch without being particularly violent.  Also, since most of the console games I enjoy tend to be primarily one-player affairs, I like that Lego, to me, is much better in co-op mode.  And, of course, I enjoy the movies that are … [Read more...]

KK’s Keen Comics, February 20th, 2013 Releases

Saga #10 Cover

Unlike last week, the comics god smiled on me this week with a heavy pile of good comics! With lots of choices, this week's picks are truly the cream of the crop, including a very good candidate for Best Comic that's currently running, and it's not your normal superhero fare. Saga #10 This is one of the most original science fiction epics in any medium in years. It has a basic Romeo/Juliet premise, with the story focusing on two soldiers from planets that have been at war for as long as anyone … [Read more...]

KK’s Keen Comics, February 13th, 2013 Releases

Ultimate X-Men #22 Cover

This was a relatively small week for me, due to the quirkiness of comic scheduling. Still, thanks to Brian Wood, there’s a couple of standouts for me to highlight. (Next week is going to make up for it with a very heavy box of comics to read!) Star Wars #2 I mentioned this before as a series to keep an eye on, and the second issue continues to deliver. What happens when you take one of the best writers in comics, Brian Wood, and let him loose on the classic Star Wars universe? Very good … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Party: Northstar’s Wedding and the Revealing of the Rainbow Lantern


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of this superhero, and this completely normal guy, and the ensuing media storm that followed. Right now? It’s good to be gay – that is, if you’re a superhero. Marvel’s Northstar tied the knot with his civilian boyfriend last week, and this week DC announced that as part of their New 52 reboot, the original human holder of the Green Lantern ring has been retconned queer. Which is awesome! He’s a powerful business man and … [Read more...]

Avengers Assemble: The World’s New Obsession

The Avengers

So I went to see The Avengers again tonight, with my family. This being the third weekend it's out, and that we showed up more than an hour before the show, we weren't that worried about getting tickets. We should have been. It was sold out, and the next showing, and the three nearest theatres. Needless to say, I am now extremely depressed. So why is it still number one? Why is the internet obsessed with it? Mainly because it's awesome. So. In all seriousness, The Avengers was … [Read more...]

From Wizards to Wolverine: John Adamus


John Adamus belongs to the talented assortment of editors in the role-playing game industry. Currently part of the team working on Damage Control for the Marvel Heroic RPG from Margaret Weis Productions, he's working The Dresden Files: Paranet Papers with fellow editor Amanda Valentine, and Project Ninja Panda Taco from past column visitor Jennifer of Jennisodes. With a solid catalog of past projects, Adamus works day and night as an editor of games and fiction.     How did … [Read more...]

Versus: The Glory of Super-powered Team-Ups and Crossovers


FIRST THINGS FIRST. I haven’t seen The Avengers yet. I know. I have failed all of you, and I will attempt to atone for it by saying two Iron Mans and a Hail Thor. In the meantime, before ANYONE SPOILS ME FOR AVENGERS (and I swear the first person to squeak ‘Snape kills Dumbledore!’ gets Mjolnir upside the head), let’s talk about superhero team-ups and crossovers. The Avengers, since their inception, has always been a melange of existing heroes and the occasional new recruit – it’s the way … [Read more...]

Comics: No Girls Allowed? Bah!


My post last week about the new Kevin Smith show Comic Book Men and the comments it generated, both on the site and Twitter, got me thinking about the role of women in comics. Not just female characters in comic books themselves, but the place of female fans, writers, artists, and creators in the notably male-dominated realm of the comic book world. I dove into discussions of women writers and read scores of “how to get your girlfriend to like comics” posts, talked to bloggers on all ends of the … [Read more...]

Letters to Santa


A sneak peek into Santa’s mailbag from the Marvel and DC Universes . . .   Dear Santa, I’ve been a good boy this year! Well, sort of, but nobody’s perfect, right? And that whole thing in Kosovo, we don’t really have to talk about that, right? I’m Canadian, you’re Canadian, I’m sure we can work something out. How’s the Missus? Total MILF, if you ask me. Which you didn’t, but I know you were about to. Anyway, all I want for Christmas this year is the Bea Arthur Memorial Special … [Read more...]

Last Minute Superheroes

borderlys on flickr

Hallowe’en is tonight and even though I am now ostensibly an adult and shouldn’t be squealing in glee like a five-year-old, I totally am. In fact, as you are reading this, I am probably dressed as a pirate. I love Hallowe’en. Always have. And not just for actual Hallowe’en night, which was always over too fast and involved too many pictures being taken of me, but for the weeks of planning and preparation ahead of me. More often than not I had started to make my costume the day after the … [Read more...]