On The Impending New Year

On December 1st, I woke up to an email, two text messages and a phone call. They were notifications from different people that one of the men who urged me to be a writer was dead. He committed suicide. He left behind a lot of people. An entire community. Friends. Family. There were times where he was a creator. He wrote, he made live action characters look not like a sheet of stats, but a portrayal of a character. Down to the smallest tics. I hadn't spoken to him for years, for many years. … [Read more...]

Tools to Keep Your Table Emotionally Healthy


Gaming should be fun. Metaphorically crawling out of a session of gaming feeling horrible usually isn't fun if that wasn't the intended result. When we're roleplaying, emotions can run high, things can get too difficult to deal with, and unpleasant past traumas can be triggered in our memory by the fictional circumstances we're in during a game. We have to give our players and GMs tools to play games without doing serious emotional harm to themselves. Pre-Game The first time I saw someone … [Read more...]

To Make Nightmare Fuel, We Must Consume It

The Path

Nightmare Fuel: a catchy phrase for the kind of horror that lingers to traumatize its consumers for years. It's so common as a descriptor to have its own page at TV Tropes, and it's the bread and butter of people who want to create the same kinds of lingering terror. To be the grand masters of fear, whether you're running a game or designing one, you have to mainline some Nightmare Fuel before you start making it.   Nightmare Fuel Master (Online) Classes There's a mind boggling … [Read more...]