Found: The TARDIS of Laptop Bags


No, I'm not talking about bags with images of the TARDIS on the outside - that's another post for another day.  Shortly after I purchased my new laptop - a MacBook Air - I realized that my old laptop bag left way too much space in which the Air could bang around.  And that extra space wasn't really useful for anything else.   I wanted the TARDIS of laptop bags - something small, unobtrusive, but able to store anything I needed and more.  Oh, and preferably something with a price that wouldn't … [Read more...]

Wanted: The TARDIS Of Laptop Bags

angry bag

When my Facebook news feed gets eaten by people celebrating their tickets to Comic-Con, I know we're officially into con season.  However, the season of geek travel brings with it a very specific complication: we want to bring all our gadgets with us. With gadgets come choices: laptop, iPad or netbook?  Or can you get away with ditching them all and relying on your smart phone?  What about your trusty DS or PSP for the long plane ride?  Where do we keep all these electronics so that they … [Read more...]