Anime, MMORPGs, and PvP (Psychopaths very Present!)


In my recent efforts to spend more time watching anime, I've been watching two series - the currently-running Log Horizon and 2012's popular series Sword Art Online - with themes that, at first glance, seem quite similar: the idea of MMORPG players being drawn into the world of the game and then mysteriously trapped there. Think along the lines of the entire World of Warcraft player base getting stuck in Azeroth the next time they log in, and you kinda get the idea. At closer inspection, the … [Read more...]

By Crom! – GGG Talks About Fiction’s Seminal Barbarian

Way back before my teenaged years, when I was a much smaller person than I am today, I collected comic books without much rhyme or reason. Every Sunday after church, I would go with my Grandpa to a little corner store, and I’d be allowed to buy a couple of comics. I chose these at random, as much for the cover as anything else, and so I never really followed the continuity of what was going on. This changed later, but that’s not the point. Along with various titles like the Micronauts, the … [Read more...]