Old Monsters, New Story


Hullo, Gentle Readers. In my Seowyn’s Crossing campaign, there’s the underlying concept of the Old Ones. The Old Ones are a race that existed before humankind, and their great civilization disappeared completely. Now, my players explore occasional Old Ones ruins, seeking magical treasures, but fearing the devious traps and magical menaces that may have been left behind. An old story trope, yes? Well, I use this trope to take monsters that I might’ve had little investment, or little story … [Read more...]

Clash of the Titans: Remade With Affection


Growing up, I saw Clash of the Titans several times, like most children my age.  Weirdly enough, I distinctly remember watching it over a few days in sixth-grade Earth-Space Science class (but why? Other movies from that year included Space Camp, and Jurassic Park, which required a permission slip).  However, when someone unfamiliar with the movie asked me about it, I had a jumble of images and couldn't really relate the plot: "Well, Perseus has to go cut Medusa's head off.  And the Kraken... … [Read more...]

Wishes for a New Doctor Who


So this New Year's Day marked the final episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant as the Doctor, and with Russell T Davies at the helm as head writer and executive producer. Technically there was nothing remarkable about the death of Tennant's character; it was a bog-standard regeneration, as those things go.  And in the grand scheme of things, Davies was just another writer for the Doctor in a long, long line of them. But let's not kid ourselves here.  Davies essentially brought the Doctor … [Read more...]

Chilling: Top 5 Creepiest Villains

I've stated before that I'm not a fan of horror - and I'm not.  I've never seen a Saw movie, The Ring freaked me out for ages, and I won't be seeing Paranormal Activity. That being said, I do enjoy being spooked.  It's great fun to get just creeped out enough, to get chills, but not so many that they block out the warmth of the real world. I find TV horror is pretty much the speed for me - even when it's on cable, I'm sitting in my living room, with the lights on, keeping any monsters at … [Read more...]

AvatarArt Contest Winners: From Scary to Softie

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! With the holiday being on a Saturday and the extra hour from the time change, Halloween this year was set up perfectly for maximum awesomeness. Indeed, it would appear that everyone had such a great time that no one had any scary stories to share!  (Or maybe it took a few days to recover from the festivities). Whatever the reason, the awesome people at AvatarArt have graciously agreed to give a free copy of Adventure Art to every person who shared … [Read more...]

AvatarArt Contest: Show Your Halloween Spirit

It's the most wonderful time of the year! What, that's Christmas? Nah.  HALLOWEEN, BABY! The fine folks at AvatarArt have a bi-monthly magazine called Adventure Art, which is full of awesome artwork that you can use to inspire your players (or your GM!). The latest issue is a "monster-sized" double issue full of all the scariest, nastiest monsters possible.  Check it out here. If you love monsters, you're going to want to get your hands on it! And... what?  I'm giving away FIVE … [Read more...]

Movies With Extra Bite

The other day, I watched Gwoemul, or The Host (though that name doesn't conjure up the right image at all), a 2006 South Korean film.  Normally I don't like horror movies; however, this wasn't really what I'd call horror at all.  Rather, it's a modern version of a good, old-fashioned monster movie. In the grand tradition of classic science fiction, the monster is not the sole focus; there's biting social and political commentary that lingers after the movie is over.    It got me thinking … [Read more...]