Adventurer’s Vault 2: It’s Never Too Early To Think About Christmas

As you all know, Adventurer's Vault 2 came out recently and it's chock-full of awesome armor, shiny weapons, new wondrous items, and (possibly the coolest/weirdest section) tattoos.   If you have a subscription to D&D Insider, you got the sneak preview of the AV2 items months ago.  As for me, I love DDI, but I love my hardcover books, too.  Gotta have the best of both worlds! In the following letter, Mielka Dawnhammer, Divine Oracle and Cleric of Moradin, sets out her holiday wishlist.  … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: Hot Dwarven Men, a Demigod, and a Quest

So there I was in the bar of the Slumbering Drake, downing a ton of ale through this awesome hat with straws when this group of dwarves come in.  And let me tell you, these were not normal dwarves.  These were cute burly man dwarves.   Ohhhhh Moradin, were they cute!   I haven't seen any decent looking dwarven men since I started adventuring and following my destiny, so it was a very nice thing to see, if you catch my drift. I waddled over to their table and realized that I was probably a lot … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: There’s This Swordmage…

Dear Adventure Log, it's me, Mielka. This is my 13th... 16th? I can't remember. These people, they were like, hey dwarf, bet you can't drink this ale through this awesome hat we made with tubes to suck the ale out of and I was like - I SURE CAN - and I did! Yeah, see, Moradin blesses dwarfs with his drinking abilties like we can do it good. So......... Oh, so ADVNETURE LOG! DO DOO DOOO! Wait, I was suposed to do the trumpets in my head. ADNVETURE LOG! Is good now. … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: What I Think About Rogues

Dear Adventure Log, it's me, Mielka. This is my seventh pint of McIBS and still GOING STRONG! WOO! Okay, maybe I'm a little tipsy, but not really. I'm a dwarf!  We can handle our ale.  For sure. Anyhoo, the other drinks kinda were fast because there were some guys betting I couldn't chug faster than them and I did because well, dwarf. Hello? Seriously, humans need to fess up that they suck at drinking compared to dwarves and they always will.  Just bite the arrow and admit it … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: Dear ADVENTURE LOG!

Dear Adventure Log, it's me, Mielka.   This is my third pint of McIBS.  The second one I drank with some skeevy old dwarf who was sure I looked just like his wife when she was "a youngster."   Um, gross. Anyway, I'd like to pause a moment to remember someone who is no longer with us - Drash. Drash of the deep gravelly voice and the scales and the dragonbreath and the dying. When I wrote that I was going to find his squishy dragon heart, I'm pretty sure I didn't mean it was going to be … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: So I’ve Been Thinking…

Dear Diary, It's me, Mielka. Ha!  I've always wanted to write that.  It looks so funny!  Dear Diary.  Ha!  Not that this is a DIARY exactly, more like an ADVENTURE LOG!  ...y'know, that really needs trumpets.  Like a fanfare or something.  Don't you think? ADVENTURE LOG! Da-dada-daaaaaaaaaa! Ok, it doesn't work well on parchment.  But if I think about it, you can't really WRITE music with words (well, unless it's a song, duh!) but you kinda have to just HEAR and FEEL it. So, let me … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: Sister Mielka of the Healing Touch

If there's one thing I've learned during this whole Living My Destiny thing, it's that you can't always trust people.  I mean, look at all the crazy people we've already met.  So of course I wasn't going to take this poor sick girl to the infirmary where she could get kidnapped again.  No way!  Luckily, the sisters at the Lady of the Healing Touch are very nice people.   They don't worship Moradin, but that's okay because they are healers and Moradin loves healers. It turns out that our girl … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: Sewage Is Grosser Than Blood

So the militia arrives and asks us a ton of questions.  We were heroes like yesterday, today we're burning down Chauntessa's competition?  Eek!  No, no, no.  We try to explain what really happened, which is of course when we notice Helion is nowhere to be found.  Why does he always disappear at the worst possible times? Our prisoners aren't saying anything about their employer, so they get taken off to jail.  The dirty dwarf gets taken to jail too because apparently he was beating up the … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: We Didn’t Start The Fire (Ok, Maybe We Did.)

The next morning, Helion and I go to check on Lyssa.  She's in bad shape still.  I heal her up with Moradin's blessings and we wish her well in her recovery.   Back at the inn, we're still getting lots of people coming up to us like we're all famous.  One guy looks like he's seen a few battles - he's got scars all over.  He introduces himself as Pherros, and he's all impressed that we've been to Castle Whiterock and says that he's got some information and maps and notes that we could … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: Famouser and Famouser!

After huddling in the corner like a scaredy-cat for a while, the sense of fear wears off and I'm able to get my armor back on.  Just as I'm pulling on my boots, the hallway goes black like POOF!  Like somebody turned all the lights out and there's not a single bit of light anywhere. A little voice comes out of the darkness.  The tiny voice hmmms between sentences as if he's still thinking through his offer while he gives it.  He tells us that they'll give us back all the slaves and leave the … [Read more...]