Favorite Finds: Never Mind the Buzzcocks


This week has been a rough one, and personally I can only focus on the lightest and fluffiest fare.  Luckily I've recently been devouring a TV show which provides exactly that - and if you, too, need a little goofy diversion, it's easily available.  I'd been vaguely aware of the UK show Never Mind the Buzzcocks for years - it's been running since 1996, so it crops up every now and then in articles, conversations and the like.  However, all I knew was that it was a British music quiz show … [Read more...]

Doctor Who Fan Orchestra: Strings Are Cool Now


Being the fangirl that I am, I follow any number of Doctor Who-related news feeds on my twitter.  Last spring, Anglophenia, which is run by BBCAmerica, posted a link that got my attention immediately: a youtube video of a performance by the "Doctor Who Fan Orchestra."   Yep, it was, in fact, an orchestra made up of Who fans, playing Who music, arranged by yet another fan.  Being a band nerd/orch dork myself, one who loves playing film scores probably more than anything, I was doubly … [Read more...]

A Little Dice Music

In one of the inevitable Laws of Nature in the digital age, gatherings of web-savvy gamers can often lead to a YouTube party where we endlessly share links of our favorite cartoons and videos. The sharing of Geek music isn’t just fun, it’s also a musical vortex akin to midnight Wiki-hopping. These are five of my favorite geek/gaming songs, and they’re the seed for a geek culture playlist I continually promise myself I’ll write. After I watch all of these again. Really. Totally going to get … [Read more...]

False Film Frights


In last week's episode of Doctor Who, the Doctor, his companions, and various tenants in an apartment complex find themselves in a creepy dollhouse.  I figured out where they were fairly early on; as a child I was particularly traumatized by an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? where a girl similarly finds herself in a dollhouse, turning into a doll.  I imagine there's now a new generation of children who will give Victorian dollhouses the side-eye.   Or will they?  I loved dollhouses … [Read more...]

Movies That Molded a Geek: O Brother, Where Art Thou?


Most of the previous Movies That Molded a Geek have been films that I saw as a child.  Still, we never stop growing (inside), and our new favorites come to define us.  I recently realized that one of my favorite movies is over ten years old.  I saw it when I was still in high school, and if it didn't directly determine my future taste in movies, it's at least indicative of the trend.  Not to mention, this is a seriously geeky movie.  Thus, let's talk about the Coen Brothers' O Brother, Where Art … [Read more...]

Beyond Zeppelin – Using Music to Set a Mood in RPGs

Dungeons & Dragons Music

I have a confession to make. With all apologies to Stephen Lynch, I have never once listened to Led Zeppelin while running, writing, preparing, or in any other way involving a D&D game. I was never that huge a Zeppelin fan, and, although they occasionally toss in a fantasy reference or two (like mentioning that Gollum slipped up and made away with one’s lady so fair) and have songs about Vikings, I just don’t feel like the mood of their songs matches the mood of my games. Many people have … [Read more...]

Geektastic Music: Nine Must-Listen Geek Songs


I like an eclectic assortment of music. On a daily basis, my playlist can range from country to classical to classic rock. I’ve seen shock rock legend Alice Cooper live, caught the eye of Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen and got a thumbs (well, thumb) up from him, and was just three rows back from country dreamboat Kenny Chesney. But for as many different types of music as I like, there is one that really speaks to my heart: geektastic music. That’s right, geektastic music. Everything from … [Read more...]

Childhood Rebooted: When Memories Become Retro


Lately I've been feeling, well, old.  Yes, I'm still in my twenties; that's not the point.  The point is that my childhood is now 'retro.' When I was growing up, modern movies that had flashbacks meant going back to the sixties or maybe early seventies.   You know, like the movie Now and Then, or Dazed and Confused - movies that had a "soundtrack that defined an era," that kind of stuff.  Flashbacks meant going back to an era when roller skates had keys and toys were made of wood. Then, … [Read more...]

Rock Band 3: Now With Totally Rad Keytar


I've mentioned this before, but Harmonix and I go way back.  If it's a game that involves rhythm, music and orbs flying towards me, chances are I'll like it.  Thus, it's probably not a surprise that yesterday the FedEx truck pulled up with a long, thin box containing Rock Band 3 and the new keyboard controller. My Rock Band setup is kind of a motley assortment.  I'll be honest - I never got used to the Rock Band guitar controller, so I still use two wireless Guitar Hero 3 controllers.  The … [Read more...]

I’m Not Just Excited, I’m Full of Glee!


As with many things, I was somewhat of a latecomer to the phenomenon that is Glee.  And as usual, I had no real reason to resist for so long. After the very first episode, my Facebook news page was alight with people talking about this show.  You could say that because I was a music major in college and a band/drama geek in high school, all of my friends and acquaintances fall into the early adopter and target demographic categories. Still, I just never got around to seeking it out.  And … [Read more...]