Think Of Comic Books As Tractor Parts: Relating Geeky Passions To Non-Geeks

Sheesh, he thinks he's Superman. What's up with that?

Everyone is most comfortable among people who they feel understand them. That’s why co-workers still spend time together after they clock out, why we keep in touch with classmates long after school ends, even why neighbors strike up a friendship that goes beyond waving at each other in passing. Having common ground is important in any relationship, especially on subjects that are near and dear to your heart. Sadly, even with the people you’re closest to, you don’t always find common ground on … [Read more...]

Dreamgirl Introductions: Meet C


My name is C. Well, actually, it’s Connie Thomson. I also answer to my internet handle, Ariel Manx (you get a cookie if you know where that name comes from!). Regardless of what you call me, I’m Girl Thursday here at Geek’s Dream Girl. The short bio of my life is that I’m a farm kid from North Dakota who dreamed of being a writer, and now that’s what I do. But I took a long and winding path to get here. My geekiness extends clear back to childhood. Even as a little girl I had a fanfic … [Read more...]

Post of Updates +5: Pathfinder Winner, Keith Baker, Y, Epic D&D, Bargain Bin

Lots of things to update you about! Sorry for the crazy mixing of topics, but wanted to get it all out there without making several tiny posts. A winner has been randomly selected from the blog comments and Twitter entries for the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. . Congratulations to J.Beatnik! GatorGames will be holding more contests in the future, both here and on other RPG blogger sites.  Keep your eyes peeled and don't forget to follow Jean from GatorGames on … [Read more...]