PAX: East vs Prime


This year I was fortunate to be able to attend both PAX East and PAX Prime - something that I imagine ushers in the Age of Aquarius and won't be seen again for some time.  I've attended a few years of East, but this was my first time at Prime, and I was curious: how would the two compare?  Is Prime really the mother of all PAXes? Well, just like any convention, my experience was wholly subjective and based on my personal interests, my general health, the wind chill factor, and so on.  Still, … [Read more...]

PAX Prime Panel: Fantasia: Music Evolved


I've attended PAX East for the past few years, but this year I had the opportunity to attend the mother-con, PAX Prime.  Though there are dozens of panels to choose from, there was one caught my attention immediately: a panel about a collaboration between Harmonix and Disney's Fantasia.  Though I obviously knew about the other big Disney game of the year, I hadn't heard about this at all (I suppose my attention was diverted during E3).  But as a woman who loves Disney, loves Harmonix, loves … [Read more...]

Conquering Cons: Survival Mode


I just got back from PAX East 2013, and boy are my arms tired - but that's only because every bit of me is tired.  This is the year I'll be turning 30, and somewhat fittingly, it's a year in which I've made a few realizations about what I can and can't do anymore.  I know I sounded like Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon this weekend, wandering around saying "I'm getting too old for this!" Now, does that mean I'm too old for cons in general?  Absolutely not, as evidenced by the hordes of people … [Read more...]

PAX 2012: The MegaRoundup

colour bind

I sometimes think that you could do a post-a-day blog just about PAX. There’s so much to see and do, so many games to try, so many panels to gush over with friends afterwards while making enthusiastic gestures, that there really isn’t enough space to get it all in. Thus it is that, until I can find a home for my fifty new articles covering every loving detail of every game (and thus vindicating my need to talk all these amazing developers’ ears off for half an hour each), I’ll have to suffice … [Read more...]

PAX 10 in 10 Words (Give or take 10,000)

Cannon Brawl

Amid all the giant booths and AAA titles demanding our attention at PAX Prime, it’s easy to miss the smaller, indie titles nestled away in the corners and nooks and crannies of the expo hall… which is a shame, as some of the best and brightest people are doing amazing work! Luckily, PAX does do its best to celebrate these unsung heroes; thus the PAX 10, a yearly collection of some of the best indie titles in development and release. I interviewed many of this year’s developers about their games, … [Read more...]

PAX 2012: Hardware Heaven – Hands on with the Oculus Rift and Wikipad

Artist's representation of final Oculus Rift

Going to PAX with an honest-to-goodness media badge is a very, very different experience from going just as a regular attendee. With great power comes great responsibility, yadda yadda… You feel the urge to interview everyone who will speak to you, fill up your schedule with Productive Stuff, network like crazy, and generally be Smart and Professional… even if you know that your awesome editor just wants you to go and have a good time and write about what interests you. Having said that, it … [Read more...]

PAX 2012: Fighting, Funny and Five-Point-Oh: The D&D Live Show of Acquisitions Incorporated

Acquisitions, Inc.

There’s so much I love about PAX. The giant, overwhelming, hubbub of the Expo Hall, with fifty thousand games jostling for your attention along with fifty million nerds. The great selection of panels on everything from women in games to game writing to RPG creation to religion in games. The warm, relaxed ambiance of the Handheld Lounges where you can curl up in a bean bag chair and drift away to Kirby and Pokemon surrounded by fellow gamers. The fantastic people you meet in line, the friendships … [Read more...]

PAX East: Wanting More

Photo on 2011-03-15 at 13.43

This year was my first at PAX East, and man, it was a whirlwind.  Due to various conflicts, I could only attend on Saturday - so I had exactly one day to experience everything, right?  Well, not quite - this is the largest convention I've ever been to (the last number I heard was 69,000), and I'm pretty sure it's impossible to experience everything in just one weekend.  Still, I got more than enough of a taste to get me hooked.  So here's my intro guide experience, and later E and GGG will give … [Read more...]

We’re at PAX East!


Oh hai! It's Friday and I'm not here. Well, that depends on where "here" is. I'm not at home, but if you consider the internet my home, I guess I'm partially at home via my Android phone. I'm at PAX East and so is GGG and there's even a rumor J may actually show her face in the real world. If you're looking to meet any of us, shoot us a tweet and we may just tell you how to do that if we're not too busy geeking out. As a ThinkGeek employee, I am there in a semi-official capacity. … [Read more...]

M’s PAX 2010 Diary, Day 3

The dramatic disappearance of Geek's Dream Girl blogger M came to a surprising conclusion today when authorities at last discovered the missing geek... passed out and sleeping in her geek den, controller still in her hand, game systems blaring. Next to her was a scribbled note apparently written on her return from Seattle. Sunday, September 5, 9:45 AM ... I slept in. Last day of the con, and I sleep in. Goshdarnit. 10:00 AM Despite leaving the hotel at almost the last minute and … [Read more...]