The Day of the Doctor: Looking Back, Moving On


After literally years of waiting, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special has aired.  I feel a bit like the winter holidays have started early, actually.  Let's discuss a little of what went on and what we can expect for the future.  It might be obvious, but this will contain spoilers for those who haven't yet watched the episode. Truth and Lies We all knew the special would be a multi-doctor event in that it would contain both David Tennant and Matt Smith, but we weren't sure of anything … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: The Name of the (Next) Doctor


Even if you didn't tune in on Sunday to watch the live special by the BBC, chances are you've already heard that actor who will be portraying the Twelfth Doctor has been named.  And the result is... A white male. Okay, that's not really the correct response (it's Peter Capaldi), but that's pretty much what you'll find if you looked at Twitter or Facebook around then.  A non-woman, a non-ginger, a non-anything-new-and-different.  And I'll admit it, there was a tiny part of me that was … [Read more...]