Want A Web Design Trick That Will Improve Your Dating Profile?

Is Your Dating Profile a Tasty Cupcake?

Welcome to 2012, everyone! When you've read as many dating profiles as I have, you start to notice patterns. Whether it's writing about your ex, being negative, starting every sentence with "I", or not giving your audience any reason to write you, I think I've covered a lot of them in the past. (If you're new, click on Geek Dating Advice and take a surf through the archives!) But I missed this one! A Good Example Let's look at an example of good web design. I'm going to be a little … [Read more...]

Spotting a Fake Online Dating Profile: Is That Picture For Real?


Ever wonder if a profile you've seen on your dating site is for real? Maybe the person looks too good to be true. They're ultra geeky, they're super attractive (to you!) and best of all, they've emailed you and are interested in getting to know you better! Surely, there's a catch. The good news is that more often than not, there's not. There are millions of good singles out there on online dating sites and they're just like you. But there are spammers and scammers too. Luckily, the fine … [Read more...]

Are You Making Easy-To-Fix Mistakes In Your Dating Profile?

Get out your eraser (aka backspace key!)

There's something in your dating profile that is sending your potential matches running for the hills... or is there? If your dating profile is under-performing (lots of views but very few winks and emails), do a quick check to see if you've made one of these easy-to-fix mistakes: Inappropriate or Confusing Photos Gentlemen, no matter how buff you are, a shirtless photo is never the way to go. (Ladies, unless you're on an adult dating site, shirtless photos are out for you, too.)  If you … [Read more...]

Coping With Being Single: Ur Doin’ It Wrong


What do you think of her? Pretty hot, no? She's fit, pretty, and she's got no less than three geeky-awesome items on her. But when the folks at Geeks Are Sexy posted this picture on their Facebook Fan page, the first comment was from a girl mocking the girl in the photo for having a hairy belly. This was followed by folks either saying they didn't see it (or didn't care!), or people (mostly women) having a laugh at the model's expense. Really, people? Girls, Seriously, Grow the Hell … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Get Great Online Dating Photos If You’re Camera-Shy

You want to do online dating, but you've spent most of your time hiding from cameras.  You're camera-shy.  I am too. In fact, that picture is me, avoiding the shutterbug StupidRanger at GenCon 2009. So when you NEED pictures for your online dating profile, but you HATE being in front of a camera, what can you do? … [Read more...]

Showstopper Online Dating Profiles: Getting People to Notice You

A lovely reader asked me to write about online dating profiles that are showstoppers.  What makes a showstopper?  Can everyone have one? Back in the 80s, all you needed to be a showstopper were lasers.  Every kid I knew either had a laser background portrait or was pissed off at their parents for not letting them get a laser background portrait. Alas, nowadays you need more than a laser backdrop to be impressive and cool. Here are the two major ways to have a showstopper online dating … [Read more...]

Nobody Views My Dating Profile! What Am I Doing Wrong?

You've got your profile filled in and written up.  You've selected your best pictures.  You're sitting back and waiting... and waiting... and waiting. "Nobody's writing me!" you whine.  "Not only that, nobody's even VIEWING ME! What am I doing wrong?" Tired of being that guy going to movies alone?  Here are a few tips to make your profile more clickable. … [Read more...]

Online Dating Etiquette 101: What If She’s Not Like Her Picture

Let's imagine together, geek friends... You've found this great girl on your favorite dating site.  She's beautiful, she's funny, she's got similar interests. You talk for hours on IMs and then on the phone.  Things are looking pretty good. You set up a date.  As you're walking towards the coffeehouse you see her.   Or well, you think it's her... … [Read more...]

Tips & Tricks for Great Online Dating Portraits

A picture is worth a thousand words - or perhaps a dozen dates? What do you do if you don't have the money for professional photos and all of your casual pics involve you snuggled up to your ex, holding a red cup of party punch and looking a little too happy, or awkwardly grinning at your webcam? Is no photo better than bad photos? Luckily for you, I've found a series of posts on a great blog that will help you snap some quality portraits of yourself or your friends. … [Read more...]

Dating Stimulus Package! (How Can Something That Sounds So Wrong Be So Right?)

A lot of folks are feeling the crunch of the bad economy, so I figured, why not shine a little bright light into the lives of people who are looking for love? For the fall season, all Geek's Dream Girl profile and search services are $5 to $10 off.   Now is the time to get your profile shined up so you can have someone special for the holidays. Whether you need help writing a profile from scratch, editing one, choosing appropriate pictures, or creating Custom Searches, GDG has a service … [Read more...]