How to Effectively Use Descriptive Language in Your Dating Profile


What kind of language do you use in your dating profile? Writing a strong dating profile isn't easy, a lot of the clients I've worked with have told me that they have no idea how to write about themselves. Their stories are not really that unusual. Many people struggle with being able to talk themselves up or highlight their best features in their dating profile. The words we choose to describe ourselves (or our ideal matches) can have a huge impact on how your dating profile is received … [Read more...]

Hacking dating site algorithms to find a better match


  If you've been on dating websites for a while you've probably thought to yourself as some point or another "where are they coming up with these suggested matches from?" Some dating websites, such as OkCupid, base their compatibility scores on how you answer their questions; other sites determine whom they send your way via the general preferences you’ve listed on your profile.  Depending on the website and how much profile information you’ve filled out, the matches that are being … [Read more...]

The best writing exercise to improve your online dating profile


Often when I ask a client what they’re looking for in a potential partner they don’t know how to answer. Creating a dating wish list is relatively simple to do and will definitely improve the quality of what you choose to include in your profile. It’s a valuable writing exercise because once you are clear in your own mind about what you are looking for your entire outlook on online dating will change. With any dating profile you’re writing as much about yourself you are also writing about … [Read more...]

Dating Profile Help: The Summer Loving Edition


Yay, summer is finally, officially here and like The Zombies song says, "it's the time of season for loving!" That's right, the nights are long, the days are hot and I sincerely hope you are feeling the amorous midsummer vibes right about now. It's also currently Pride Month is many places, so happy Pride to all of the LGBTQ geeky folks (and allies) who are celebrating! Here in Toronto, we're in the midst of Pride Week, which is one of the largest in North America. There are also still lots … [Read more...]

Guys: Put Your Cock(iness) Away, It Has No Place In Your Dating Profile

Put your cock(iness) away, please.

Made ya click. We've been talking lately about things that are the death of a geek guy's dating profile. Things like being Captain Obvious or accidentally sending the message that you don't want a girlfriend. But what if you swing the pendulum too far the other way? What if you get... cocky? We delve into more men's profiles. Remember, these are quotes from the profiles of guys who are looking for a geek girl like me - a late 20s/early 30s, educated, professional … [Read more...]

Guys: Your Dating Profile Is Saying That You Don’t Want A Girlfriend

Do you want a girlfriend, or someone to sit on the couch while you play video games all weekend?

Last week, we looked into how being Captain Obvious was making your dating profile ho-hum and boring (and ultimately, making you seem not worthy of attention or emails). Today, we delve into more men's profiles to show a totally different epidemic: guys who are on dating sites but have profiles that make it seem like they really don't care if they get a girlfriend. Remember, these are quotes from the profiles of guys who are looking for a geek girl like me - a late 20s/early 30s, … [Read more...]

Is Your Dating Profile Making You Seem Like Captain Obvious?


The unfortunate thing about most people is that they don't bother to check out what the profiles of other people like them say. Let's make a trip to and look at some men's profiles. No guys, this won't make you gay. In fact, if you hide your profile and then search, nobody will know but you. I'm looking for things that guys write again and again in their profiles. Things that make girls (especially geek girls) roll their eyes and move on to another guy. For purposes of this … [Read more...]

Dear Anon-O-Box: I’m A Geek Girl With No Emails…


Dear Anon-O-Box, It is mentioned in several places that women on dating sites are inundated with emails and (ugh) winks. I don't seem to suffer from this problem. I get absolutely no response; emails, winks, rotten tomatoes or otherwise. Not even creeps or scammers bother me. I have a picture (it isn't the greatest, but I don't look like a swamp beast), and a passing grasp of the English language. And those are just the basic qualifications! What am I doing wrong? Signed, Single Female … [Read more...]

Black Friday Sale – Up to $100 Off Dating Profile Writing Services


Happy Black Friday, geek friends! For THIS WEEKEND ONLY, use code ONYX2010 to get $25 off the Silver Package or code EBONY2010 for $100 off the Gold Package. Click here for details on the Silver Package and to order. Click here for details on our Gold Package and to order. Not ready for a whole dating profile? Just want to dip your toe in the water and get some exclusive dating tips & tricks delivered to your inbox once a month? Use code OBSIDIAN2010 to get half off … [Read more...]

Ask Y: To Fetish Or Not To Fetish

Male Submissive Online Dating Profile

Dear Y, I'm a straight male with a submission fetish. Ideally, I'd like to find a lady who's willing to explore it with me, but it seems a bit tawdry to put on my OKCupid page, for example. Do I just need to roll the dice and wait to get to know my dates before asking them if they'd be cool with it? Or is there a way I can be more upfront about it without it being an utter turnoff? - Fetish Guy Dear Fetish Guy, I'd like to begin by commending you on your ability to state your game and … [Read more...]