Personal Ad Makeover Contest: Joshua (DURING)

Welcome back to Joshua's profile.  Tarzan's treehouse is pretty rickety.   There are boards that look loose, nails sticking out everywhere, and I'm pretty sure that's not the blood of an animal in that corner over there. I know, you're scared.  But we won't learn anything unless we go in and really examine the crime scene.   Hold my hand... (Want to avoid a crime scene for your dating profile?  I can help!) … [Read more...]

Personal Ad Makeover Contest: Joshua (BEFORE)

I have to say, geek friends, that Joshua was a winner hands-down as far as needing this makeover.  Good thing the dice agreed with me!  (There are no coincidences!) Joshua's profile is long, full of spelling mistakes, and has a Tarzan theme that really needs to either totally go or be toned WAY down.   He's a funny guy that will make a great boyfriend for a geeky girl who loves to laugh, but right now... Tarzan scares Jane.  Jane runs away! (Want help making your personal ad less scary … [Read more...]

Personal Ad Makeover Contest: “Hammer” (AFTER)

"Hammer" is one of our lucky GDG Personal Ad Makeover Contest winner.  Sadly, when having to prioritize time between RealJob(TM), Paid Clients, and Blog/Freebies, Hammer got a little unloved over the holiday season.  Sorry, friend! I really hope your new profile makes it all worth the wait! … [Read more...]

Anyone Willing To Step Up And TESTIFY?

Do you have a shiny new profile courtesy of Geek's Dream Girl? Whether you were a contest winner or a paid client, how's it going for you? I'm looking for some short testimonials that I can post on my Dating Profile Help page, so if you've got something nice to say, please email me and say it! e @ geeksdreamgirl . com Thank you!! … [Read more...]

Personal Ad Makeover Contest: “Hammer” (DURING)

"Hammer" is the GDG Personal Ad Makeover Contest winner for the month of November.  Do you want to win for December?  Click here for details on how to enter.  Can't wait until the new year for a new profile?  Check out the Fall Sale on Personal Ad Makeover Services while it lasts! Hammer's profile has some great information, but could use some polishing to make it really shine for that dream girl.  Hammer's profile is in black; my comments are in orange.  Let's dig deeper... … [Read more...]

Personal Ad Makeover: “Fox” (AFTER)

Fox's profile wasn't bad to begin with... but it wasn't good either.  It had cheesy moments, slashlists, clichés, and a confusing laundry list of qualifications for his future match. I've cleaned him up so he's his foxy best! Want your own personal ad makeover?  Entries for the November contest are still open!   Can't wait?  Treat yourself to a Silver d20 Package today! Want to win a $15 gift certificate just for bad-mouthing an ex?  Check this out! … [Read more...]

CONTE$T: What If Your Ex Had A Personal Ad?

I thought we'd have some fun.   If you could write a personal ad for your "favorite" ex, what would it say?  If your ad is chosen as the funniest, you win a $15 gift certificate! One of my favorite bathroom books is one I received for Christmas a couple years ago.  (Thanks, Daniel!)  It's They Call Me Naughty Lola: Personal Ads from the London Review of Books.   It's full of hilarious short newspaper-style personal ads, like this one: I'd like to dedicate this advert to my mother … [Read more...]

Personal Ad Makeover: “Fox” (DURING)

Fox's current profile has some great information, but it's a little scatterbrained in places.   He's surprisingly free of red flags - congrats on that, Fox!   You're one of the few. The sad side?  There's a laundry list of interests, including some slashlists!  What's a slashlist?  It's a laundry list with slashes instead of commas! Let's see where Fox stands at the moment: … [Read more...]

Personal Ad Makeover: “Fox” (BEFORE)

I threw some of the old entrants into this month's contest.   This month's winner goes by the nickname Fox.  He's a 35 year old Texan looking for a girl with an open mind and open heart.  His profile has lots of great ideas in it, but they're just thrown into a heap. Let's check out his current profile: … [Read more...]

Dating Stimulus Package! (How Can Something That Sounds So Wrong Be So Right?)

A lot of folks are feeling the crunch of the bad economy, so I figured, why not shine a little bright light into the lives of people who are looking for love? For the fall season, all Geek's Dream Girl profile and search services are $5 to $10 off.   Now is the time to get your profile shined up so you can have someone special for the holidays. Whether you need help writing a profile from scratch, editing one, choosing appropriate pictures, or creating Custom Searches, GDG has a service … [Read more...]