Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds: The Sequel I Always Wanted


A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I landed upon a sort of Holy Grail of video games - a sports-themed one that I fully enjoyed, and understood the nuances of.  It actually even taught me something about the sport in question.  I hadn't had this much fun playing a "sports game" since, well, WCW Wrestling on the original Nintendo - or maybe even ever, since my WCW days were full of button-mashing.  And the name of this unicorn of a game?  Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, for GameCube. The game … [Read more...]

Favorite Finds: Journey


In light of the recent next-gen console controversy, I decided to check out some PS3 games for the first time.  After all, I'd pretty much decided I'd go with Playstation  at the end of the year, based on how the company has represented itself this year and my previous love for the PS2.  However, the PS3 has been out for ages and it might be a little silly to jump in whole-hog when I've missed the intervening seven years or so. Today's game, Journey, is absolutely my favorite so far.  It's a … [Read more...]

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Sequel Worth Exploring?


Prologue Long ago, I was something of a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise.  Not the earliest games, mind you, but from VII on.  When it came time to buy a next generation console, one of the main pros for the PS3 side - aside from the Blu-Ray player, when no one knew how that little battle was going to turn out - was the promise of Final Fantasy XIII, which, it was expected, would only come out for Playstation. Still, other factors outweighed the Final Fantasy issue, so when I bought my 360, I … [Read more...]

Portal 2: Superior Core


Okay, I'll be the first to admit it: while I thought the first Portal game had ingenious gameplay, funny voice acting, and a strangely addictive end credits song, I didn't get the hype. Unlike other phenomena that took me a while to warm up, it was not that I'd heard that this game was ah-maze-ing before I'd ever played it.  I think I might've played it shortly after it was released.  No one was talking about it, then.  And it was cute, and funny.  It was funnier later to see that Rock Band … [Read more...]