A Year of Zombie Fear


When I was little, my nerves were unshakable.  I read and watched anything that was scary and age-appropriate (and quite a few things that weren't).  Goosebumps?  Had it covered.  Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark?  Sure thing.  I wrote short stories that were likely ripped off from inspired by the Poe and Bradbury I was reading and the episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? I was watching.  The only time I can remember being scared by something I read was the topiary scene from The Shining.  I … [Read more...]

Geeks of Hollywood


I still remember, as an eleven-year-old, reading an article in the local paper about The X-Files.  It included a snippet of an interview with Gillian Anderson, in which she confessed that she occasionally had trouble wrapping her mouth around all the technical jargon Scully had to spout. I was crushed.  You mean... the actress who played Scully really wasn't as smart as her character?  But she was so convincing! Occasionally you see lists of "hot geeks" here and there, but typically they … [Read more...]

World of Rodriguez: 10 Minutes in School


So it's 2am on Black Friday, 2010, and I'm hanging out at the Wal-Mart with a couple of my family members. I'm there for the long haul, waiting for 5am, so my mother can get a TV that's not from 1992 (though I must say, there was nothing wrong with that TV and in fact it's outlived other, younger models).  Needless to say, I had a lot of time to peruse the rest of the store, including periodic checks in the DVD section to see what two-dollar goodies they were hauling out this hour. I almost … [Read more...]

Machete: Stepping Into the Larger World of Rodriguez


I saw Machete on opening night - and I loved it, just as I expected I would.  There's an extra layer of fun in this movie, however, that only Rodriguez fans will enjoy; the people, music, and even props that make it, unmistakably, a Rodriguez film.  You can be in on the joke, too!  All it takes is a little movie-watching. See, Robert Rodriguez - one of the writers and directors on Machete - started out as a small, indie filmmaker.   To save money, he became adept at all stages of … [Read more...]

Piranha 3D: What Was I Thinking?


In general, I'm a squeamish person.  I don't particularly like horror movies, especially ones with lots of gore.  Similarly, I'm not one for much violence.  There are notable exceptions to this rule - I love nearly every Tarantino film, for example, and most of the Rodriguez ones - but for the most part, I'm comfortable with keeping things PG-13.  Or, um, PG.  So of course it would make perfect sense that I would decide to see Piranha 3D last weekend. Wait, let me back up here a little … [Read more...]