Almost Human: Almost There


A few seasons ago, fantasy series seemed to be the "in" thing for network TV; this year I'm noticing more of a sci-fi bent.  Almost Human is a prime example; the show is set 35 years in the future, and is essentially a buddy cop bromance between a human with baggage and issues expressing his emotions and a rogue, extra-emotional and intuitive android.  It may seem a bit cliche or cheesy, and it vaguely reminds me of Alien Nation from time to time, but it's growing on me... almost. Fox chose … [Read more...]

NFL: Needs More Robots


So we're in the thick of the pro football season.  Maybe not normally a topic we associate with geekery, but geeks come in all flavors, and let me tell you, my Facebook feed is full of football updates (and to quote The IT Crowd, my friends list is pretty much limited to self-proclaimed "standard nerds").  Even I've gotten into it this year, which is honestly bizarre for me: I didn't attend a big football college, and despite having been in the marching band in high school and thus attending … [Read more...]

Who History: K-9


By now, most viewers of New Who are familiar with K-9, the tin dog.  He makes his return in the second-season episode "School Reunion," as the companion to Sarah Jane Smith.  Later, he's a familiar face in the spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures.  However, what you might not know is that though both Sarah Jane and K-9 traveled with the Fourth Doctor, it wasn't at the same time.  Imagine if Mickey Smith (the other tin dog, right?) was found, in a future episode, to be hanging out with the Ponds in … [Read more...]

Machinarium: Its Appeal Is No Puzzle


On Sunday I spent literally half a day playing a game I'd previously never heard of: Machinarium.  Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, it's half puzzle game, half adventure story, and all fun. I don't want to spoil the plot of the game, but essentially you're a small robot in an industrial world, solving puzzles to navigate your way higher and higher through a city until... well, you'll see.  There's no dialogue in the game, but occasional cartoon-like thought bubbles provide the plot more … [Read more...]

Inception: Sci-Fi Success Without E.T.


This weekend I saw Inception, the latest Christopher Nolan film (with music once more by Hans Zimmer - I'm calling them the new Burton-Elfman, except Zimmer's been around forever).  The movie, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page among others, is proving to be quite successful - and, perhaps not coincidentally, quite polarizing amongst the geeks I know. My review, in a few words?  I really, really liked it.  I don't know if it's the most watertight plot in the world, but it's … [Read more...]

Dreamgirl Introductions: Meet Z


Okay, I'll admit it. The reason I didn't write this bio a few days ago like I'd planned was because I was procrastinating by playing Runescape. (Don't hate me. I know, I know, WoW graphics and gameplay are better. But I'm almost at one million gold for the first time and I don't want to abandon my character after so long!), this is pretty typical moment for me, actually. Hi! I'm z, the last letter of the dreamgirl alphabet. Because I'm terrible at rambling about myself (it always … [Read more...]

Movies That Molded a Geek: SpaceCamp

I know already that I'm going to get crap for this.  SpaceCamp wasn't exactly a hit when it was first released (1986 was a pretty grim time for a movie about space shuttles), and it's never really gotten the nostalgic following of movies like The Goonies.   Still, this was a movie that had me glued to the TV every time it was shown (weekend afternoons, typically).   Making up the Blue Team at NASA's Space Camp (relocated to Kennedy Space Center for the movie) are a ragtag group of teens, one … [Read more...]

Etsy: A Place for Crafty Geeks

I'm not really the type of person who goes to the mall and window-shops, but I do get on and just drool.  I used to think etsy was just a place where people bought handmade soap; it is that, but oh, it is so much more.  Here's a list of stuff I've wanted to pass on to everyone, as well as a few items that top my own "want" bookmark folder. … [Read more...]

10 Things I Expect in The Future

Lately, between using Netflix on my X-Box and my guy's new iPhone, I've begun to feel like I'm really in The Future.  Since we're clearly making groundbreaking advancements every day, I think it behooves me to throw my own requests out there. Granted, most of my expectations aren't grounded in any sense of reality, and are more influenced by books, movies and the fact that I've spent probably a year of my life in EPCOT and Tomorrowland. Still, there's nothing that says we can't have an … [Read more...]

The Death Star

For those geeks with cats, I can say that this item is probably the best $300 I have spent in my entire life: I call it the Death Star. You can watch it in action at The cats climb inside, do their business, and after 7 minutes, the Death Star rotates, sifts through the litter, lets the clumps fall through the waste ports (so sci-fi!!) into the base at the bottom, where they are collected into a garbage bag for later disposal. You never scoop litter again, you just … [Read more...]