Great Dates in Fifty States: Boston & Environs – Part 4


Here we are at last, Gentle Readers – the last article in my marathon series about great sites to take a date in and around Boston. We now move from Beantown itself out to the rest of the surrounding locales. Although Boston may be the Hub of the Universe, there are some nearby spots along its “spokes” that deserve a look. Witch City In 1692, a mania struck the little town of Salem Village. The causes of it are well-documented, and I won’t go through a lengthy explanation here. For our … [Read more...]

Great Dates in Fifty States: Boston and Environs – Part Three

battle green monument

Well met, Gentle Readers. After taking a hiatus to discuss other matters, I return to my four part article discussing great date ideas in Boston and the surrounding area. It may seem strange to contemplate patriotic locales when planning a date, but if you have someone who’s really into Americana, or people from out of town who’re interested in local history, there are worse moves than exploring some of the famous locales Boston has to offer. Not all of the places I’m about to write about … [Read more...]

Great Dates in Fifty States: Boston and Environs – Part Two


Hullo, Gentle Readers. Your GGG returns to tell you more about wonderful places to have a romantic encounter in Boston. Last time, I gave an overview of Boston, talked about possible picnic sites, and offered advice about theatrical events. This time, let us look at some more intellectual pursuits—our museums and the like. Now Museum, Now You Don’t No matter what your tastes, Boston almost certainly has you covered as far as museums go. We have multiple museums dedicated to art, a great … [Read more...]

Great Dates in Fifty States: Boston and Environs – Part One


Hullo, Gentle Readers. Yes, it is I, your GGG. It occurred to me that, although I’m terribly romantic at my core, and although I’m a lifelong resident of Boston, I’ve never written a Great Dates in Fifty States article. This is shameful, and I have decided to rectify this at once! You may not think of Boston as the most romantic city, but we are. Some call us the Hub of the universe, but I say we’re the Hub of Love. What could be more romantic than a city chock full of history, adventure, and … [Read more...]

Time Travel in a Game Box: Barbara Cartland, a romance board game

The Map

Dear Mayfair Games of 1985, I’m writing this from 2013. I know this letter’s chances of traveling back in time are slim to none, but the effort still had to be made. This past weekend I played Barbara Cartland: a romance board game. Unless my readers have immediately hit Google looking for information—or read romance novels older than them—they have no idea Cartland was a prolific British romance novelist. Prolific to the point that I find it mildly terrifying, Cartland’s non-literary … [Read more...]

Romeo and Juliet: The Manga Edition – A Review by M

Cover of Romeo and Juliet: The Manga Edition

(Trigger warning: discussion of suicide in relation to the plot of Romeo and Juliet) Time for a bit of manga-style Romeo and Juliet! No, no, not THAT version of Romeo and Juliet… I’m pretty sure that has about as much relationship to the original text as I have to Marilyn Monroe. Today’s dabbling in the crossroads of bishoujo and the Bard comes from an American produced manga by Adam Sexton and Yali Lin, published by everyone’s favorite “WTF Shakespeare?” publisher, Cliffs’ Notes. Back … [Read more...]

You Don’t Have to be Shakespeare: Playing a Romance Well in your RPG


Romance happens in games— when we let it. We’ve all seen romances done poorly in table-top campaigns or during a live-action chronicle. But romance doesn’t have to be an exiled storyline; done well, romances can build and destroy kingdoms, take people to war, or lead to a cascade of passionate, unforeseen consequences.   Don’t violate their personal space When chemistry starts sizzling between your character and someone else’s, there’s a lifetime of instinct to reach out and touch … [Read more...]

What’s Love Got To Do With It, Part VII: That Blessed Arrangement

impressive clergyman

After last week’s column, you’ve figured out how to get the proposal out of the way. Now it’s time for the characters to make everything official and get hitched. The easiest, quickest option is for the characters to head to the justice of the peace, or simply turn to the holy man or woman in the party, and get it done in a matter of minutes without the commotion of a big damn wedding (I know my husband and I wish that’s what we had done in real life…but that’s another story). It doesn’t take … [Read more...]

What’s Love Got To Do With It, Part VI: Will You Marry Me?


When two people fall in love, the urge to marry usually follows. Whether they want to get married just to make it official, to benefit from some rights granted to married couples, or for spiritual reasons, that short formal ceremony holds quite a bit of importance. If a couple of RPG characters fall in love, it makes sense that they’d want to get married too. Sometimes, though, marriage seems even harder than romance to work into a game. It’s a big commitment, after all. What if it changes … [Read more...]

Good Books: Christine Morgan’s Curse of the Shadow Beasts

Shadow Beasts

With autumn here and cooler temperatures coming with it (the recent 85+ degree days in central Montana not withstanding), it’s getting more and more tempting to spend a day curled up on the couch with a blankie and a good book. But which book? There are so many to choose from… In my quest to help geeks everywhere find good stuff to read, I present another novel that I consider to be a very Good Book – Christine Morgan’s Curse of the Shadow Beasts, the first book of her MageLore … [Read more...]