Oh Captain(s), My Captain(s): To The Men Behind The RPG Bloggers Network

If we as RPG bloggers are ships on the vast sea of the internet, we have the board of the RPG Bloggers Network to thank for bringing us to the places we have seen and helping us achieve the things we have achieved. But yeah, that's a shitty metaphor. These men were our lighthouse. They kept us alive as we sailed the seas of the RPG web.  They didn't care if you were a popular cruise ship or a tiny dinghy, they shone the same bright light on everyone, allowing us each to be seen instead of … [Read more...]

E’s Con Travels: GenCon 2009, The Sessions, The People, The Exhibits!

It's been a couple weeks and I am seriously bummed about leaving behind GenCon for a WHOLE YEAR. Here's my final wrap-up about GenCon 2009, the sessions, the people and the exhibit hall! … [Read more...]

Twitter Addicts Rejoice: Free Online Dating, Twitter Style with MyTweetheart

Twitter addict?  (I am newly addicted!)  Want a free (and easy) way to meet new people and potential dates?  Meet MyTweetheart, a free online dating service catering to the Twitter community. As you may have noticed, J and I have joined Twitter.   I scooped up a Twitter account a while ago just to be sure I had the name available but never used it.  Since quitting my real job and embracing the life of a freelance writer, I've had unlimited and un-BigBrothered access to the intarwebs.  Be … [Read more...]

e’s Feed Favorites: 8/6/08

Welcome to the latest edition of e's feed favorites, where I run down the best things from my RSS feedbag for the past week! First off, bonus points if you can NAME THAT TUNE (played solely on telephones... four telephones): … [Read more...]