The Day of the Doctor: Looking Back, Moving On


After literally years of waiting, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special has aired.  I feel a bit like the winter holidays have started early, actually.  Let's discuss a little of what went on and what we can expect for the future.  It might be obvious, but this will contain spoilers for those who haven't yet watched the episode. Truth and Lies We all knew the special would be a multi-doctor event in that it would contain both David Tennant and Matt Smith, but we weren't sure of anything … [Read more...]

How Doctor Who Found Its US Geek Niche


So maybe you prefer David Tennant's 10th Doctor to Matt Smith's 11th; maybe you like Steven Moffat at the helm more than Russell T Davies.  Whatever your opinions, it's hard to deny that if you live in the US, it has never been better to be a Doctor Who fan than it is right now.  So what made this British import finally click with US geeks en masse? It's not like Doctor Who was never aired in the US prior to 2006.  I consider myself a fan of Classic Who now, but I didn't grow up as one; … [Read more...]

The Avengers: Lessons to be Learned


Despite my best efforts I know I'm a few weeks behind everyone else, but I finally got to see The Avengers.  Now, if you've read any of my other posts you may know that I constantly struggle with my dark, hipster side; I like discovering things before they're cool, and if large amounts of people go on about how so-and-so is fabulous, I tend to be skeptical.  Yes, I know this is a flaw.  Yes, I know that's kind of incongruous from a self-proclaimed geek - but maybe it won't surprise you to learn … [Read more...]

Torchwood: Adult Fun in the Whoniverse


It's come to my attention that Doctor Who seems to gaining more and more new fans - which is, of course, excellent.  Most of the new fans I've seen have been American, perhaps due to the marketing blitzes of BBCAmerica (again, excellent).  If you've only been introduced to Doctor Who in the last year or so, you might be wondering why a good chunk of the internet is waiting with anticipation for the return of a little show called Torchwood. Don't worry; you have more than enough time to catch … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: The Many Faces of the TARDIS


In the latest episode of Doctor Who, Rory and Amy got a glimpse of the (recent) past - the interior of the TARDIS as it was during the Russell T Davies years (pictured above, and affectionately known as the "Coral" TARDIS).  Turns out Sexy TARDIS has been archiving these console "desktops" all along, and she's got at least thirty from the past, present and future. Well, as we've seen even in the modern incarnation of the show, the TARDIS doesn't change with every new Doctor, but there have … [Read more...]

Love, Sex and Doctor Who


The space-time continuum of the geek world may be collapsing: The Doctor is engaged to his daughter.   The joke about the engagement between David Tennant and Georgia Moffett is two-fold; Tennant played the Doctor and Moffett played his daughter in an episode, and Moffett is the real-life daughter of Peter Davison, who played the fifth incarnation of the Doctor.  Yes, it's kind of creepy, but only if you can't separate fiction from reality.   Thinking about "the Doctor's" engagement, however, … [Read more...]

Torchwood: Who Would You Choose?


If you're interested at all in Torchwood, you've probably heard by now that there will, in fact, be a new series, co-produced by BBC and Starz.  The new stories will still be based in Wales, but will feature an "international" cast and international locations as well.  And, of course, Gwen and Jack will remain at the heart of it all. The news of international casting essentially means that it could be anyone, from anywhere.  Members of Torchwood are typically "too young," so the only … [Read more...]

Wishes for a New Doctor Who


So this New Year's Day marked the final episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant as the Doctor, and with Russell T Davies at the helm as head writer and executive producer. Technically there was nothing remarkable about the death of Tennant's character; it was a bog-standard regeneration, as those things go.  And in the grand scheme of things, Davies was just another writer for the Doctor in a long, long line of them. But let's not kid ourselves here.  Davies essentially brought the Doctor … [Read more...]