Spotting a Fake Online Dating Profile: Is That Picture For Real?


Ever wonder if a profile you've seen on your dating site is for real? Maybe the person looks too good to be true. They're ultra geeky, they're super attractive (to you!) and best of all, they've emailed you and are interested in getting to know you better! Surely, there's a catch. The good news is that more often than not, there's not. There are millions of good singles out there on online dating sites and they're just like you. But there are spammers and scammers too. Luckily, the fine … [Read more...]

Dear Anon-O-Box: The 10 Commandments of Online Dating Safety


Dear Anon-O-Box, I've been single for the past six months and I feel I'm ready to jump back into dating. The problem is I have issues haphazardly meeting people while out and about because 1) I'm usually surrounded by other people that I know and 2) outside of my little circle of comfort, I'm just too shy. In the past, my relationships have blossomed from friendships that started in school, but having recently graduated and moved to a new city combined with coming out of a three-year … [Read more...]

Dear Anon-O-Box: What Does A Scam Email Look Like?

Dear Anon-O-Box, I've been lurking your site for a while, and following you on Twitter; I've come to respect your opinion, and would like to hear your thoughts on something I came across.  I created a free account on, and one of the members on there emailed me.  The first contact (on the site) looked like this: Hello Dear, How are you today?,I hope you are having a nice time, as for me am cool and lonely. Am new to this and most of the guys I read from there profile are not … [Read more...]

Dear Anon-O-Box: How Do I Avoid Online Dating Scams?

Dear Anon-O-Box, How do you tell when you're getting scammed? How do you reduce the amount of scams coming at you? I've gotten a multitude of responses where girls want to move it immediately to AIM without answering any of my questions. I've recently been asked to "Verify my identity" to get their phone number, resulting in me getting signed up and charged for porn sites. What do I do about all these scams? Yours, Scam Slammed e answers: Dear Slammed, Sadly, scams are a part … [Read more...]

Schrödinger’s Rapist? Article Provokes Tough Questions


The other day, E brought my attention to an interesting article about the inherent fear women have for their safety, and how men can best acknowledge and deal with it. I won't rehash the entire article, because it really is worth reading, whether or not I entirely agree with every point. Essentially, the author takes two statistics - that one in six women will be sexually assaulted, and that one in sixty men is potentially a rapist - and discusses how this affects the everyday habits of … [Read more...]

10 Steps To Woo The Love Of Your Life On Twitter

Back in the days before online dating, we connected to other singles through our personal networks.  Once those possibilities dried up, we moved on to finding people through mutual interests - spiritual communities, activity groups, and (as dangerous as it can be) work. Twitter allows us to connect to people in almost the same way.  Let's take a look at how you can scope out possible dates: Personal Networks Check out the people your real life friends follow.  Chances are, you already know … [Read more...]

If A Hot Chick on Wants To Show You Her Sexy Video, It’s a Trick. Get an Axe.

There's a new virus going around the circuit, but you'd really have to be an idiotic horndog to pick it up. (You, my darling boys, may be horndogs, but you're certainly not idiots.) According to this article I saw on Twitter today, there are some people sending out look-alike emails with links to a sexy video for you to see... but OH! You need to download a special video player.  Won't you install this? … [Read more...]

How To Overcome the Fear of Internet Dating

(Today's guest post is by Cherie Burbach, author of Internet Dating is not Like Ordering a Pizza.) Have you tried online dating yet? When I ask singles that question, I usually get a horrified look in return.  I'll tell you a secret, before I started Internet dating I was pretty unsure about it, too.  I can tell you this, however:  Once you do try Internet dating you will realize there is no need to be afraid. I know what some of you are saying... you hear the "horror stories" and the … [Read more...]

e’s Soapbox: “There is no more vulnerable person than someone who wants to fall in love and find a mate”… except maybe a stupid person.

People are stupid. People looking for love can be some of the most stupid people around. So when I started reading articles like this about legislation to prevent people from being sweetheart swindled online, I wanted to smack someone. Can our legislation focus on something more important, like perhaps finding ways to better fund our education system? We have 17-year-olds who can't read in this country - but God forbid Granny loses $500... … [Read more...]

Say no to pixel bondage.

Please please, geek friends, don't do this - Virtual Dating. The premise of this service is much like Second Life - you create an avatar and your avatar meets someone else's avatar in a pixel-born bar or restaurant where you have a wonderfully pixellated date to attempt to "create a bond". HOW WOULD YOU "CREATE A BOND" WITH PIXELS? Now, I know what you're going to say: "But e, I feel so attached to my WoW guildies and they're just pixels.""But e, didn't you meet YOUR boyfriend … [Read more...]