Almost Human: Almost There


A few seasons ago, fantasy series seemed to be the "in" thing for network TV; this year I'm noticing more of a sci-fi bent.  Almost Human is a prime example; the show is set 35 years in the future, and is essentially a buddy cop bromance between a human with baggage and issues expressing his emotions and a rogue, extra-emotional and intuitive android.  It may seem a bit cliche or cheesy, and it vaguely reminds me of Alien Nation from time to time, but it's growing on me... almost. Fox chose … [Read more...]

NFL: Needs More Robots


So we're in the thick of the pro football season.  Maybe not normally a topic we associate with geekery, but geeks come in all flavors, and let me tell you, my Facebook feed is full of football updates (and to quote The IT Crowd, my friends list is pretty much limited to self-proclaimed "standard nerds").  Even I've gotten into it this year, which is honestly bizarre for me: I didn't attend a big football college, and despite having been in the marching band in high school and thus attending … [Read more...]

Red Dwarf X: In Stellar Form


We all have favorite TV shows or movies that can be watched over and over again, rather like throwing on a favorite record.  For me, one of these shows is Red Dwarf.  If you're a fan of sci-fi, or you're a fan of fun, silly sitcoms, and you haven't seen Red Dwarf... well, you have a bit of catching up to do.  Ten seasons' worth, in fact.  But fear not!  It's a show from the UK, so each season is tiny. A bit of history: If you haven't heard of Red Dwarf and you live in the US, it's not too … [Read more...]

World-building, Wesen, and Grimm

Grimm - Season 2

Last year, it seemed there were more sci-fi and fantasy-based TV shows than ever before - and at the end of the year, it felt that most of them had been sent packing.  Only a few network shows were notably unscathed. Once Upon a Time was not a surprise, with the Disney backing, well-known actors, dark writing and popular acclaim.   Less expected was NBC's support of Grimm, which had quietly flourished in its Friday-night slot and become a bit of a cult favorite. I know it was certainly one of … [Read more...]

How Doctor Who Found Its US Geek Niche


So maybe you prefer David Tennant's 10th Doctor to Matt Smith's 11th; maybe you like Steven Moffat at the helm more than Russell T Davies.  Whatever your opinions, it's hard to deny that if you live in the US, it has never been better to be a Doctor Who fan than it is right now.  So what made this British import finally click with US geeks en masse? It's not like Doctor Who was never aired in the US prior to 2006.  I consider myself a fan of Classic Who now, but I didn't grow up as one; … [Read more...]

Alcatraz: Pointers for a Possible Second Season

Monday night saw the season finale of Alcatraz, but as of this writing, it still hasn't been determined whether it will actually be a series finale.  I, personally, am hoping it will be renewed; Fox has already axed Terra Nova, so maybe they feel there's room for this strange mix of sci-fi and procedural.  And while ratings haven't been great, they haven't been terrible, either; perhaps in a different season, tied to a different show (House was on its last season and ratings have been losing … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning: TV Cancellations


The first shot has been fired, and it's come from Fox.  No, I'm not talking about politics; I'm talking about the end-of-season cancellations.  Just because a show has made it past its first - or third, or fifth - season and been renewed in the past doesn't mean its guaranteed another, but a freshman show is certainly most in danger of being cancelled.  Last in, first out, as they say. The first one to go?  Terra Nova.  Now, granted, I never did get around to watching an episode - and maybe … [Read more...]

Wild Speculation: Portal 3


Ah, Portal 3.  I wish I had some concrete news to report concerning a sequel.  Alas, all I can do at the moment is dream - but maybe that'll be fun too.  For I've been thinking: what do I want in Portal 3?  What might the storyline be like?  What would be reasonable, and what would make a good sequel?  Here are a few of my ideas. Note: there are probably going to be major spoilers here.  Kind of difficult to talk about where a story should go without referring to where it's been. The future … [Read more...]

Genre Invasion: Aliens, Zombies and Werewolves, Oh My


I'm calling it now: vampires are on their way out.   Okay, let's be real.  Vampires will never really die (pun intended).  They've been enjoying a slow, steady burn of popularity for the last 30 years at least.  The combination of sheer horror and a monster who looks normal - or attractive - has ignited our imaginations for years.  The vampire mythology is loose enough that you can make nearly any kind of vampire you like (as evidenced by Whitewolf's Vampire: the Masquerade series).  Vampires … [Read more...]

Alcatraz: Rock-Solid Start


Monday night, Fox debuted the latest offering from J.J. Abrams, Alcatraz.  Yes, it's a show about a mysterious island with a potential paranormal connection and Jorge Garcia, har har har (can you imagine how many times these actors have probably heard that by now? And they haven't even hit the convention circuit beyond ComicCon yet!).  This mystery-thriller is also the most promising new mid-season replacement, and really one of the most promising new shows of the season. Back in 1963 … [Read more...]