Nobody Views My Dating Profile! What Am I Doing Wrong?

You've got your profile filled in and written up.  You've selected your best pictures.  You're sitting back and waiting... and waiting... and waiting. "Nobody's writing me!" you whine.  "Not only that, nobody's even VIEWING ME! What am I doing wrong?" Tired of being that guy going to movies alone?  Here are a few tips to make your profile more clickable. … [Read more...]

Choosing a Good Online Dating Username is Like Writing a Hit Song

What's in a name?  A lot. Other than your default picture, your username is the first thing a potential match sees.  I've tackled usernames in a couple articles previously.   Here's a quick and easy method to choose a username that will be unique and fun. How else do you think Prince came up with a crazy idea like Purple Rain?  Have you ever seen purple rain?  I sure haven't!  Is it a catchy and memorable phrase?  It sure is! … [Read more...]

Quick Fix: Getting a Name Change on in Under a Minute!

You picked a bad username.   Maybe you put your real name and now people from work have found you and are taunting you.  Maybe you put your IM screenname and now you have a ton of Gelatinous Cubes sucking you in to conversations you'd rather not have.  Or maybe you've reactivated an old account and you are no longer 21andReady2Party. To change your username on Click My Account (in the top navigation bar). Scroll down to Sign Up Information. Click Change Sign-Up … [Read more...]

Don’t be lovemyporsche unless you own one, please.

What is your screenname saying about you? Does it send the wrong message? … [Read more...]