Favorite Finds: December Edition


As you've heard by now, Geek's Dream Girl will be closing up at the end of the month.  I'm sure I'm going to be pretty nostalgic next week, but for now, I'm just going to focus on the moment, mentioning some of the things I've been finding awesome and that I won't have time to talk about later. The Room Two You may have already played The Room, a delightfully spooky puzzle game from Fireproof Games available on iPad (among others).  The original game took me forever to complete, because I … [Read more...]

Sherlock: Thinking Caps on Standby


If you watch any British television, chances are you've learned something about patience and uncertainty.  Television in the US can get a bit wonky - just look at the ridiculous, protracted hiatuses that Grimm endured last season - but for the most part, the general scheduling is fairly predictable.  Popular and new shows tend to start in the fall and wrap up in the spring.  Other shows are introduced in January, as the duds have been canceled quickly.  There's also a small summer season.  And … [Read more...]

Spoilers, Sweetie: How to Survive Them


I think I can actually recall the first time I encountered a spoiler.  I must have been in elementary school, watching an episode of The Simpsons (I don't think I was actually allowed to watch the show early on, but somehow I managed anyway. It's a common tale in my generation).  Completely randomly, completely casually, Mayor Quimby revealed a major surprise from the movie The Crying Game.  Now, I was too young to have seen it, but I'm pretty sure it was still a relatively recent movie at the … [Read more...]

Different Geek Flavors: Downton Abbey


Last winter and spring, I went through something of a phase: I watched all of the BBC period dramas I could get my hands on.  Emma, North & South... if it was set in the past and featured at least one member of the cast of Harry Potter, I watched it.  One day, something I hadn't heard of popped up on Netflix Instant and was recommended: Downton Abbey.  Weirdly enough, that same day I came across a blog post by Felicia Day that raved about it.  The extra nudge was more than I needed.  I … [Read more...]

Geek Chic: Fashion Without the T-Shirts


Go to any geek gathering and there's a 'uniform' of sorts - jeans and quirky t-shirts.  And really, why not?  T-shirts are widely available and can convey a range of statements, ranging from irony to adoration to everyone's favorite, the well-placed reference that manages to be pop culture and a little obscure all at the same time.  I have many of these myself. But t-shirts don't fit into every situation.  Maybe you have a job that doesn't require a uniform, but would frown on uniforms.  In … [Read more...]

Sherlock: Anatomy of a Reboot


So, has anyone seen the new Sherlock? What's that?  You're not sure whether I'm talking about the movie or the TV series?  Because there are two Sherlock franchises producing new content at the same time and both are quite popular?  Inconceivable!   There hasn't been an original idea in film since... well... ever, but eyebrows have been raised even more in recent years with the idea of "reboots."  Unlike a loosely-related next-generation "sequel," reboots can continue to profit from … [Read more...]

Sherlock: An Instant Classic


Perhaps you've heard that Sherlock Holmes has been in a new incarnation on PBS for the last three weeks.  Or perhaps not.  After all, PBS doesn't really spend the big bucks for advertising.  Even if you had heard about it, you might have gotten as far as "Masterpiece Mystery!" and either fallen asleep or started thinking about Cookie Monster and his Monsterpiece Theater.  Or perhaps you've decided that Holmes has already had a recent reboot and any more would be overkill. However, if you … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: Double the Fun?


Yes, it's the beginning of September.  We won't have a new Doctor Who episode until the Christmas Special, months away; there won't be a new season (series) until next spring.  Why, then, are the Doctor Who fan communities buzzing?  Well, when spring rolls around and we get our much-anticipated new series, we won't be getting 13 new episodes... we'll be getting seven. But wait!  There's more! After a break of a few months, Doctor Who will be back, in the fall, with six more episodes.  … [Read more...]