Pet Accessories: Geeking Out With Your Best Friend


I'll level with you: it's been a long time since I've owned a pet.  "My cat" actually lives with my mother, and has since I went off to college; after that I didn't have the heart to uproot her.  Still, I'd feel weird getting another animal while "my cat" is still out there. All this to say, when I last dealt in animal accessories, I felt extra special that my cat had a purple collar instead of a standard red or blue one.  Well, times, they have a-changed.  Just as it's now way easier to find … [Read more...]

KK’s Comic Reviews: January 30, 2013 Releases

Superior Spider-Man #2 Cover

Hello! I’m KK, new to the writing team here. [Editor's Note: Hi, KK!] During the day, I’m a software engineer for ThinkGeek. By night, I’m a geek girl into things like RPGs, Magic: The Gathering, and comic books. I’ll be primarily writing about comic books, sharing every week the books that excite me (and maybe a few that don’t). I’ll read anything, but I trend heavily towards Marvel over DC, and tend to like character-driven material over things more action and violence-driven. I’m also not … [Read more...]

Nothing But Star Wars – Fantasy Flight’s New Edge of the Empire RPG


Hullo, Gentle Readers. It’s no secret that I love me some Star Wars. Of all sci-fi franchises, it is by far my favorite, having grown-up with the original movies. I ran an Empire-period Star Wars Saga Edition campaign, organized a private viewing of Star Wars: A New Hope when the Special Editions started coming out in theaters, and my caricature at work (don’t ask) depicts me as a Jedi. It’s no surprise, then, that my husband (who is even more of a Star Wars fan than I am) and I have been … [Read more...]

Fictional Perspective: Elections


Tuesday was Election Day in the US, and by the time you read this theoretically we'll know who our elected officials will be for the next term (hey, I was in high school in Florida in 2000, I will never make that assumption again).   Also likely: you're probably sick of discussing politics.  With such a divided nation, someone is bound to be unhappy. But hey!   The world of sci-fi fiction is a great place to gain some perspective, and it's relatively non-partisan to boot.  After all, chances … [Read more...]

Star Wars: A Modest Proposal


Lately I feel like it's been all Star Wars, all the time.  First, of course, there was the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic and the latest version of all six films on Blu-Ray; then there's the theater re-release in 3D, so that there will be yet another version floating around out there.   I recently bought the original trilogy on Blu-Ray myself.  I'd grown up on the films, a VHS with copies recorded from HBO sometime in the 80s, but I hadn't sat down and watched them, start to finish, … [Read more...]

The Secret Circle: Spellbinding TV?


Nowadays, with the mainstream popularity of Twilight and Harry Potter, it can be difficult to remember that there once was a time when the only people wanting stories about vampires and witches were Anne Rice enthusiasts (aka me as a 13-year-old) and third-graders in October.  Enjoying a little urban fantasy hardly seems qualifying of the "geek" label today; just as most people in the early 80s had seen Star Wars, so too have most people caught at least one movie or TV show with more than a hint … [Read more...]

Gifts for Geeklings


So you hear your sibling, or your co-worker, or your friend, is pregnant.  And one way or another - whether it's a baby shower, or a welcome-back party, or a meet-and-greet, you're going to give a present.  Maybe, depending on the relationship of the gestating one, you'll actually be getting to know the baby.  You'll be cool Aunt Brittany or awesome Uncle Chris. What?! you may be saying to yourself.  I don't know anything about babies!  The last time I held a baby was when I... no wait, I've … [Read more...]

My Husband Is the Dungeon Master

There was a very funny short story in Dragon Magazine many years back, written by Roger E. Moore (I believe) and dedicated to his wife. It told the tale of a storytelling contest in which various heroes were bragging about which of them was the mightiest. In the end, a woman laughing off to one side is challenged due to her deriding the heroes, and when asked what feat she may have accomplished that could compare to even the least of theirs, she stands up, revealing her awesome treasures, … [Read more...]

When It’s Hard to Be a Geek


So this week, the internet is abuzz with the latest round of Can a Geek Girl Be Hot? The issue has probably been rehashed to death, so this week you're not going to hear any tales of woe from me about growing up a geek girl.  The truth is, I didn't get all that much grief; maybe the boys just all had crushes on me (as has been insinuated) but I prefer to think that they were just glad they knew anyone else who was willing to discuss Star Wars or The X-Files.  Geek populations were small, after … [Read more...]

Stepping Out from Behind the Screen: When A GM Finally Gets To Be A Player


As someone who is almost always the GM, it can be a strange experience to fold one’s screen and take one’s place in a different seat when someone else wants to run a game. Since tonight was the second session of my husband Steve’s Star Wars campaign, the first game I’ve played in quite a while, it seems like an opportune time to talk about this subject. It’s a delicate balancing act. You want to have fun, and you want to be as engaged as a player as you wish your own players would be. But you … [Read more...]