It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for


By the time you read this, I will probably be glued to my TV screen, watching this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special - which, incidentally, will also be the last episode to feature Matt Smith.  As of next week, Geek's Dream Girl will have stopped producing new content, so I won't have written my thoughts on the new regeneration.  And honestly, I'm finding the timing kind of fitting. My first post for GDG went live on February 23, 2009.  To demonstrate just how long a time that's been, … [Read more...]

The Day of the Doctor: Looking Back, Moving On


After literally years of waiting, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special has aired.  I feel a bit like the winter holidays have started early, actually.  Let's discuss a little of what went on and what we can expect for the future.  It might be obvious, but this will contain spoilers for those who haven't yet watched the episode. Truth and Lies We all knew the special would be a multi-doctor event in that it would contain both David Tennant and Matt Smith, but we weren't sure of anything … [Read more...]

Who History: Regenerate


The history of regeneration in Doctor Who is convoluted - not surprising when you consider the facts that a) the show has 50 years worth of writers and b) it was a concept invented on the fly.  It happens to fit perfectly in a show about aliens and travel through time and space, but it was borne of necessity.  Regeneration was conceived when the First Doctor, William Hartnell, had to leave the show due to health issues.  Rather than introduce a new character, or substitute another actor and … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: Clara Who?


The first episode of this half of the Doctor Who season has aired!  And, frankly, I wish I had a few more answers. Earlier in the year Moffat had claimed that the seventh season of Doctor Who would be more self-contained stories, as opposed to the convoluted arc of the previous season.  Amy and Rory Pond's last adventures were exactly that.  However, it seems that this half of the season has sent us off on the trail of another grand mystery, as we try to figure out just who - or what - the … [Read more...]

Who History: The Doctors Revisited


In preparation for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Celebration, I've been discussing various aspects of Classic and New Who.  However, if you subscribe to BBCAmerica, you can also catch Doctor Who Revisited, which combines a retrospective about one of the Doctors with a classic episode from the same.  They're airing one a month, in order, so this month features Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor.  And having seen the first two, all I can say is that I'm waiting for more.   In general I'd been rather … [Read more...]

Who History: The Anniversary Specials


It’s 2013 and in the world of Doctor Who, that pretty much means one thing: the 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Yes, as of November the Whoniverse will have existed for fifty freaking years (by our reckoning, anyway).  This in itself is a pretty huge deal, but if you’re only a fan of New Who, you might not know what else that means: a probable Anniversary Special.  And the possibility - just a possibility - of a Multi-Doctor Special. See, there have been Anniversary Specials before.  For the … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: The D Word


If you've read about Doctor Who here before, you probably already know that I'm something of a fangirl, of both Classic and New Who.  You might also know that I'm something of a Moffat fangirl.  Thus, it's no surprise that I'm thrilled that we're at the start of a new season, and literally woke up last Saturday morning excited for that day's new episode, like a kid at Christmas.  However, just because I'm a fangirl doesn't mean I love every word and decision dreamed up by The Moff.  Case in … [Read more...]

How Doctor Who Found Its US Geek Niche


So maybe you prefer David Tennant's 10th Doctor to Matt Smith's 11th; maybe you like Steven Moffat at the helm more than Russell T Davies.  Whatever your opinions, it's hard to deny that if you live in the US, it has never been better to be a Doctor Who fan than it is right now.  So what made this British import finally click with US geeks en masse? It's not like Doctor Who was never aired in the US prior to 2006.  I consider myself a fan of Classic Who now, but I didn't grow up as one; … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: The First Companion


All of the scheduling shakeups of the last few years mean that the wait for the next season of Doctor Who feels extra-long.  Good news, though: if you need more Who in your life, you know where you can turn?  Try the dozens of seasons of classic Doctor Who!   Yes, it can be a little jarring, especially when it's black and white and a little fuzzy, but that doesn't mean the stories aren't still interesting - and involved!  It's not unusual to see a Doctor Who plotline that has four or more … [Read more...]

The Avengers: Lessons to be Learned


Despite my best efforts I know I'm a few weeks behind everyone else, but I finally got to see The Avengers.  Now, if you've read any of my other posts you may know that I constantly struggle with my dark, hipster side; I like discovering things before they're cool, and if large amounts of people go on about how so-and-so is fabulous, I tend to be skeptical.  Yes, I know this is a flaw.  Yes, I know that's kind of incongruous from a self-proclaimed geek - but maybe it won't surprise you to learn … [Read more...]