Doctor Who: Christmas and the Companion


Note: while there are no series spoilers, this is a discussion of the Christmas Special and will certainly spoil that episode if you haven't seen it. I may still be having a sugar hangover from my made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls; nonetheless, we need to discuss Christmas.  Not the presents or the weather - the Doctor Who special, of course!  And particularly, the brand-new (or not-so-new) companion, Clara.  First, a bit about the special as a whole: More Scrooge McDuck I'll be honest: I … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: Riding the Wave of Popularity


It was only a few months ago that I wrote about how Doctor Who found its geek niche among American viewers.  I say American because, in the UK, Doctor Who has always been something of an institution - as is evidenced by the TARDIS noise and, supposedly, visuals that weren't caught on camera, during the Opening Ceremonies for the London Olympics.  However, now I'm wondering if I should revise my statement - if Doctor Who is already crossing the bridge between "hit cult show" and "mainstream cable … [Read more...]

Found: The TARDIS of Laptop Bags


No, I'm not talking about bags with images of the TARDIS on the outside - that's another post for another day.  Shortly after I purchased my new laptop - a MacBook Air - I realized that my old laptop bag left way too much space in which the Air could bang around.  And that extra space wasn't really useful for anything else.   I wanted the TARDIS of laptop bags - something small, unobtrusive, but able to store anything I needed and more.  Oh, and preferably something with a price that wouldn't … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: The Many Faces of the TARDIS


In the latest episode of Doctor Who, Rory and Amy got a glimpse of the (recent) past - the interior of the TARDIS as it was during the Russell T Davies years (pictured above, and affectionately known as the "Coral" TARDIS).  Turns out Sexy TARDIS has been archiving these console "desktops" all along, and she's got at least thirty from the past, present and future. Well, as we've seen even in the modern incarnation of the show, the TARDIS doesn't change with every new Doctor, but there have … [Read more...]

Wanted: The TARDIS Of Laptop Bags

angry bag

When my Facebook news feed gets eaten by people celebrating their tickets to Comic-Con, I know we're officially into con season.  However, the season of geek travel brings with it a very specific complication: we want to bring all our gadgets with us. With gadgets come choices: laptop, iPad or netbook?  Or can you get away with ditching them all and relying on your smart phone?  What about your trusty DS or PSP for the long plane ride?  Where do we keep all these electronics so that they … [Read more...]

Older Doctor Who: Where to Start?

So maybe you've watched all of the new series of Doctor Who, from Eccleston on, but the older Doctors are a mystery to you.  Maybe you want to see Sarah Jane Smith in all her young nubile glory.  Or maybe you've never seen any Doctor Who because you're a completist and want to do it "right."  Where's the best place to begin? Option One: Begin at the Beginning Well, you could start with the first Doctor... but it won't be easy.  For one thing, it's in black and white, and slower paced.  While … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: In Defense of Amy Pond


For several weeks now I've been orbiting in my own happy world of Doctor Who, and thus far have been pretty satisfied with the new head writer, Steven Moffat.  Perhaps naively, I  assumed most other people were as well - and then today I did some reading on Doctor Who forums, for the first time. Anyone who's ever read a forum understands what I found there.  Some of the biggest fans... and biggest detractors.  No huge shock, but one line of discussion surprised me enough that I felt I needed … [Read more...]

New Doctor Who: First Impressions


Whether or not you've seen the new series of Doctor Who today, you will have this weekend (and if you don't have plans to, you should).  I've had the first episode percolating in my brain for a few weeks now, and I think I'm finally ready to give my (non-spoilery) thoughts. A few months back, after the last episode with the old Doctor, I posted my hopes and wishes for the new season. This season features a new Head Writer and Executive Producer, so we're talking about more than just a new … [Read more...]