Genre Invasion: Aliens, Zombies and Werewolves, Oh My


I'm calling it now: vampires are on their way out.   Okay, let's be real.  Vampires will never really die (pun intended).  They've been enjoying a slow, steady burn of popularity for the last 30 years at least.  The combination of sheer horror and a monster who looks normal - or attractive - has ignited our imaginations for years.  The vampire mythology is loose enough that you can make nearly any kind of vampire you like (as evidenced by Whitewolf's Vampire: the Masquerade series).  Vampires … [Read more...]

Movies That Molded a Geek: Twister


Okay, pipe down, I can hear the squawking from here.  "Twister?" you say.  "That god-awful movie that spawned that lame ride at Universal and everyone always quotes the stupid cow line?" Yes, that movie.  I LOVE THIS MOVIE.  Also, note that this is not a series about the Best and Smartest Geek Movies Ever, but rather the movies that molded this particular geek.  Bear with me. There's more than one weather-watcher in my family.  Tornadoes were kind of a family thing, though there aren't any … [Read more...]

Movies That Molded a Geek: Solarbabies


This movie is bound to cause a little controversy; it's one of those films most people either love or hate - if they've ever heard of it at all. Solarbabies was released in 1986 - when I was only three years old.  I know I didn't see it in the movie theaters, so I think we had a copy recorded from HBO; at any rate, this was a movie I watched over and over again from a very young age.  Undoubtedly I'm biased; but I think this movie would make for interesting viewing, even today. The movie … [Read more...]

Movies That Molded a Geek: The Lost Boys

Normally I don't write about horror.  This is mostly because normally, I don't watch horror.  However, because it's October, my thoughts have turned toward all that is spooky.  And the first scary movie I can remember watching - a movie that left a rather big impression on me - is The Lost Boys. Most of my siblings are much older than I am, so they were right in their junior high and high school years when I was small.  One night, my sisters were having an impromptu sleepover in the living … [Read more...]