Who History: Regenerate


The history of regeneration in Doctor Who is convoluted - not surprising when you consider the facts that a) the show has 50 years worth of writers and b) it was a concept invented on the fly.  It happens to fit perfectly in a show about aliens and travel through time and space, but it was borne of necessity.  Regeneration was conceived when the First Doctor, William Hartnell, had to leave the show due to health issues.  Rather than introduce a new character, or substitute another actor and … [Read more...]

Fictional Perspective: Elections


Tuesday was Election Day in the US, and by the time you read this theoretically we'll know who our elected officials will be for the next term (hey, I was in high school in Florida in 2000, I will never make that assumption again).   Also likely: you're probably sick of discussing politics.  With such a divided nation, someone is bound to be unhappy. But hey!   The world of sci-fi fiction is a great place to gain some perspective, and it's relatively non-partisan to boot.  After all, chances … [Read more...]