Great Dates in 50 States (And Spain!) – Barcelona

Sagrada Familia

Hello there readers! Yours truly just got back from a month long vacation to Spain and is raring to get back to anime and gaming... once the trip squee is over! During my travels, I spent a week in Barcelona, and it struck me how many great places there are it was for dates, so to contribute to the recent run of Great Dates in 50 States - and because geeks looking for love travel too! - I thought I’d give my tourist two cents for those romantic geeks living in the city or planning to visit … [Read more...]

Secrets of a Geek Suitcase


I'm in the middle of bouncing between four cities and three states. So today, I'm going to tell you about the things I currently keep in my suitcase that keep me sane. And by sane, I mean not succumbing to TravelRage (TM.) [Pictured: Season one of Haven on DVD, The Lake House on DVD, Things We Think About Games, tin of dice, laptop, underside of suitcase. Not pictured: flask, cell phone, Kindle, camera.]  1. Haven: Season One. If setting the show in Maine, and having the presence of a … [Read more...]

What to Do On Your Dream Trip to Tokyo


You've rustled up a couple thousand dollars. You've told your mother and endured her lecture about safety while traveling abroad. You're about to depart for Tokyo, the land of incredible robots, super-smart scientists, and... let's face it, hot girls and guys. (And really weird fetishes, but I don't judge.) It's the Mecca of geeks everywhere. Of course you're excited. So what are you going to do there besides glee yourself silly and look for geisha? This mini-guide is the jumping-off … [Read more...]

Geek Travels: Movie Locations To Go Geek For

Last weekend I was able to go to Los Angeles for a few days. I wasn't really there to be a tourist, but I wanted to fit in at least a little sightseeing, as it was my first extended amount of time in LA. I saw the Chinese Theater, I saw the Hollywood sign, but the first thing I saw? The very first day?  … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States (and Canada!): Toronto, Ontario

(e’s note:  Please welcome today’s guest writer for Great Dates in 50 States - and Canada!,  the guy who can kick your butt into making the changes needed for you to succeed, Alex Fayle of Someday Syndrome.) When most people think of a date in a large metropolitan city like Toronto, they think nightclubbing, dinner in fancy or chic restaurants, or going to the theater, however Toronto has a lot more to offer, from discovering Toronto's extensive park systems, to exploring the city's … [Read more...]

e’s Feed Favorites – 7/2/08

It's my first Feed Favorites after my Europe trip!  I had to declare Google Reader Bankruptcy when I got back because I had over 1000 posts in my Reader.  I have about 1000 or so posts per week that are in my Reader, and that's just the Geeky ones.  I have a folder with some dating sites' feeds (none of which are terribly good), and some writing/blogging sites. But let's start today's Feed Faves with a little ditty I got from a friend that is... disturbing and funny. … [Read more...]

e and D&D 4e in Europe!

I had a great trip, but it's good to be home.  Even if it's only going to be home for 3 more weeks.  Eek! Here are some photos I'd like to share from my trip.   One of them even has me in it.  Ok, maybe just parts of me.  Good parts?  Who knows... … [Read more...]

Packing Light: 16 days in Europe in a 20 inch duffel

This trip I'll be on from the 12th - 27th is business-related pleasure. As I've told some of you, this tour involves about 300 people, 250 of whom are minors. Because I did the same trip in 2006, I have the advantage of knowing exactly what I didn't need last time. On the last tour, I took a small, carry-on sized suitcase and a backpack. This year, my goal was to fit everything into a 20" duffel. When I see the kids wheeling up their max-sized suitcases, huffing and puffing, I'm going … [Read more...]